Final Fantasy VI for Android Unbeatable Due to Glitch

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Final Fantasy VI for Android Unbeatable Due to Glitch


This week’s top Final Fantasy story.

Square Enix can’t seem to avoid embarrassing releases of their products lately. After releasing a not-so-exclusive Aerith DLC Schemata for Lightning to wear in the recently released/upcoming (depending on where you live) Lightning Returns: FFXIII, they’ve now cracked a whole carton of eggs on their collective face.

Immediately upon its release six days ago, Final Fantasy fans were already appalled by FFVI for Android’s washed-out sprites and amateurish misspelling of “esper” within the game’s opening sequence. No one expected the game to be completely broken and unbeatable, however.

Fans have now discovered that during a cutscene approximately halfway through the game, Kefka murders General FFVI for Android. It’s supposed to be someone else, but, no, it’s the game itself.

Square Enix promises a rapid fix for this bug — as well as a correction of the “espier” typo.

Source: Kotaku

More Final Fantasy news

Dragon Quest X and FFXI Crossover Content Coming to FFXIV:A Realm Reborn (Siliconera)

FFXIV is keeping the crossover content coming apparently. The newest offerings, released today, include a quest to defeat Dragon Quest golems and a (frightening) quest to defeat a gigantic version of FFXI’s iconic Shantotto. Apparently, you receive Wind-up minions of Brickman and Shantotto for succeeding in these quests. To all you FFXIV players, enjoy “Shadow of the Shantotto” — and be very afraid.

Final Fantasy Tactics Creator to Develop New Tactical RPG — If the Funds Come In (Kickstarter)

Yasumi Matsuno, the visionary behind FFXII, “Vagrant Story” and such tactical masterpieces as FFTactics and “Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together” is asking for $600,000 in contributions toward kickstarting “Unsung Story: Tale of the Guardians.” Promised to be the “spiritual successor” to the tactical RPGs mentioned above, the game will release — provided the Kickstarter goal is reached — on PC, Mac, Windows Tablets and Linux.

Final Fantasy XV Being Outsourced? (Examiner)

While certainly not true of the entirety of the game, it appears that some elements of the upcoming (?) FFXV — what you may remember was originally supposed to be “Final Fantasy Versus XIII,” and is now better known to many fans by the derisive “FFXVersus” — are being outsourced during the development process. While not very shocking, it doesn’t exactly breed confidence for SE to be outsourcing development of a game whose production was announced eight years ago.

Video of the week

YouTuber NEroNeRoNerON has recently stirred up some controversy among Final Fantasy VII fans and the online gaming speedrun community by claiming to have achieved the speedrun world record for FFVII. As seen in the following video, NEro utilizes the Yuffie Warping Glitch to complete a speedrun of the game with a time of 2 hours, 26 minutes and 9 seconds on a real-time clock:

What’s not shown in the video, however — and what other speedrun enthusiasts are taking issue with — is that NEro did not include the time spent getting to the Northern Crater (allowing the use of the Yuffie Warping Glitch to achieve this time) in his final time.

What are your thoughts about this? Is this a legitimate world record or a misleading claim? Share your thoughts in the thread dedicated to the topic on our forum.

Post of the week

Mr. Ite described “the moment I realized Tactics was an incredible game”:

Encountering a chocobo on the battle map was one of the only times in the series that a chocobo has shown up on a battle screen without me taming it (or it being a summon). And I was given the option to attack it and I was like “Hell no! I’m not going to harm man’s best friend” And then the chocobo killed one of my guys… and I experienced a very profound betrayal, followed by a grief for the permanent death of a character, and then a red hot revenge fury that denied me any remorse for my subsequent blowing-that-chocobo-the-fuck-away. And man did I pull out all the stops killing that thing. That poor bird didn’t stand a goddamn chance.

And then I realized that I had a very moving emotional journey that was delivered to me via a system of battle mechanics. Man, they have made some incredible games.

I had a similar moment with FFXII on the Ozmone Plains, no surprises they are the same universe. My FFXIII moment was the moment my friend said to me “I was poaching wolves on the Windtrace Dunes when THIS CRAZY THING HAPPENED..!” And I totally knew that feeling.

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