VII Remake Recruiting Level Planners

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Square Enix is currently recruiting for “Level Planners” for the FFVII Remake, according to this job posting according to the Japanese recruitment site

The job listing contains the following description (courtesy of Google Translate):

【Progress of current project】 FF VII REMAKE has all functions and contents implemented. We are constantly examining the program within the development team, but while it is satisfying to say that we reproduce the original with high quality graphics, it is already one step higher than the quality that can meet the expectations of fans. We have reached the conclusion that we should aim for.

This tells us very little while also seeming to be an indication that they at least know what they’re aiming for with the finished product. The rest of the job listing also indicates that the game is in active development.

Online, fans have been sharing their dismay that Square are still looking for staff and worrying that this could potentially signal a delay. However, it’s common practice to recruit for these roles well into a development cycle.

Since this is the first real news we’ve had in some time, we’re keeping our eyes firmly fixed on E3 in June. It’s been over two years now since the last trailer!

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