‘Various developments’ may accompany the FFVII Remake

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On October 30th an event was held in the ARTNIA café in Japan to celebrate ‘The World Ends With You Final Remix’ which was released earlier this autumn for the Nintendo Switch. Tetsuya Nomura along with others on the game’s development team were there for the festivities. During the Q & A session one answer in particular gave us a glimpse into what may or may not be released around the same time as the FFVII Remake.

Translation by Miraculous Maku who also alerted people to this bit of news.

Fan: I want to play (remake) of Before Crisis: FFVII.
Nomura: Everyone might now know but I am currently remaking FFVII (laughs). He is concentrating on the final stage of KH3’s development at the moment. Side note: FFVIIR and KH3 are 2 different teams.
Nomura talked to Kitase today (Oct 30th). Various developments are being considered to accompany the FFVII Remake in some form. Thinking about something for compilation titles. “Please wait for FFVII’s turn.”

While Nomura’s response gives the impression that no tie-in releases or peripheral media have been produced or even decided upon yet, it does leave the mind wandering. Will we see HD re-releases of Compilation titles? Will Before Crisis be remade on a modern platform? Or are these ‘various developments’ not games at all but some other tie-in media like books, mobile apps, collaborations, events or merchandise? *As is revealed in the article update further down, the word Nomura used for “development” doesn’t match the Japanese term that would be used for “game development”. This adds to the ambiguity of the quote.

Tetsuya Nomura’s statement does reveal a continued desire to honor the Compilation titles. This adds fuel to the speculation as to whether the FFVII Remake will establish a rebooted FFVII timeline or if the events of the Compilation will be seen as a canon framework even in the FFVII Remake. Whether either of these roads are taken, or something inbetween, it is nice to hear something new surrounding the remake.


For reference here is the Q & A passage in Japanese. Thanks to Miraculous Maku for bringing all this to our attention!

Q また『ビフォア クライシス -FFVII-』で遊びたいです!

野村 皆さん知らないかもしれないですけど、自分は『FFVII』のリメイク版を作ってまして……(笑)。いまは『KHIII』に集中していますが、終わったらそちらにいくかと思います。リメイク発売に向けての趣向は考えていて、今日もプロデューサーの北瀬と話したところです。リメイクに付随する形で、いろいろな展開をいろいろなおじさんたちが考えています。コンピレーションタイトルについても何かできれば。ひとまず『VII』のターンをお待ちください。

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*November 7 Update:

Veteran translator of The Lifestream, hito, has provided his own translation of the passage along with commentary on its nuances. Many thanks to hito!

Q: I want to play “Before Crisis -FFVII-” again!

Nomura: “You all might not know this but I’m working on a remake of FFVII… (laughs). Right now I’m concentrating on KHIII but when that’s over I guess I’ll go over there. I’ve been thinking about ideas for the release of the remake, and I’ve just spoken with its producer Kitase today. A bunch of old guys are thinking up a bunch of developments to accompany the remake. I’d also like it if we could do something in regards to the Compilation titles as well. For the time being, please wait for FFVII’s turn.”

hito: ” … it just says [the fan] ‘want to play BC again’ but I think the implication there [is they] would be playing on some modern platform (port or remake) … the japanese word [for ‘various developments’] there isn’t the same as would be used for game development. It’s development in terms of how events/situations/etc unfold or the like.”


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