Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Play Arts to be released January 2009

by October 7, 2008 3 comments

The Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Play Arts figures of Zack, Cloud, and Aerith have now been scheduled for a January 2009 release in Japan. Zack’s Play Arts figure measures 220 mm,  Cloud’s is 205 mm, and Aerith measures in at 190 mm. Each figure is priced at 3990 Yen (approx. 40 dollars).



  1. Shadow
    #1 Shadow 7 October, 2008, 22:48

    Im not sure whether to be happy or sad.
    Yes more FF figures to fill up my shelves but…..*sigh*…my poor bank balance ;~;

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  2. VintageAerith
    #2 VintageAerith 8 October, 2008, 17:39

    Whoo! I’m surprised they made Aerith in the first run. Seems like they’d be more inclined to make Genesis or Angeal first. No matter, these are so cute!!

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  3. Steve
    #3 Steve 17 September, 2009, 21:24

    they NEED a genesis, not only for final fantasy fans but for gackt fans as well. Is there any kind of poll that exists to tell them what the fans want next?

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