Advent Children Complete sells 100,000 on it’s first day

by April 21, 2009 3 comments

According to some sales reports, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete sold extremely well it’s first day, selling about 100,000 copies. The movie outsold the first 3 Blu-ray anime releases of 2008 (Macross F Frontier 1, 2 and 3) being an extreme success to both SQEX and Sony.
One fact that probably pushed up ACC’s sales was the Final Fantasy XIII demo, that was released exclusivesly with the movie (the Trial Version set and the Cloud Black PS3 bundle). A hint of what’s to come for it’s release on PlayStation 3 at the end of the year.

Source: Kotaku


  1. Tennyo
    #1 Tennyo 22 April, 2009, 00:37

    w00t Awesome to see that it’s going so well! ^_^

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  2. Cthulhu
    #2 Cthulhu 22 April, 2009, 20:09

    And to think the original AC only sold about 100.000 in Europe in total, :/.

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  3. Pixel
    #3 Pixel 22 April, 2009, 23:50

    I was just looking, The Dark Knight sold 600,000 blu-rays on its first day, and Iron Man 260,000. Thats in the US I think. ACCs figures are pretty impressive, considering its fanbase is smaller than something like batman. Well, im not sure about japan. Either way, great result. Cant wait to see the full weeks sales

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