New High-Res Advent Children Complete Scans

by October 16, 2008 12 comments


In our earlier post, we posted some low-quality pictures of an Advent Children Complete promotional handout from the Tokyo Game Show 2009. posted some high-quality scans of those handouts for your viewing pleasure. We’ve taken the liberty to make some cutouts as well, but since it’s printed material the quality isn’t picture-perfect – buy the movie when it’s out for that.


Thanks to member Dark & Divine for bringing our attention to these.


  1. Tetsujin
    #1 Tetsujin 16 October, 2008, 22:10

    The last pic reads “Tifa and kid” even though it’s the Moogle girl and a random boy 😉

    Anyway, thanks for posting these.

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    • Cthulhu
      Cthulhu Author 16 October, 2008, 22:11

      Yar, I was going to ask about that one, couldn’t be sure. I’ll fixx, thanks for reporting that.

    • anne
      anne 30 June, 2009, 14:38

      im shure the randome boy Moogle girl is with is her brother she hugged him like thise before carring him on her back im shure the boy later got better

  2. Tetsujin
    #2 Tetsujin 16 October, 2008, 23:34

    By the way, I kinda like how the scene with the kids on the truck plays during sunset. It gives the movie a little bit of the color variation it damn well needs. For the most part, it seemed like AC was just gray with a couple of shades of blue and black.

    Fucking cloudy sky.

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    • anne
      anne 19 August, 2009, 02:51

      that scean is short its just Moogle girl talking breifly to Denzel asking him what next or something like that and he shrugs saying what ever but their the only 2 talking really than you see the truck head off into the sunset to the forgotten City with Yazoo at the wheel i take it also Colour apears at the end the streets arnt so dull and grey and all the kids develope healthy rosy cheeks and are happy its a lovely ending more colour in it

  3. Cthulhu
    #3 Cthulhu Author 18 October, 2008, 13:30

    Yeah, I’d like to see a comparison between the original and this version. I should check if I still have a collection of screens.

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  4. lolo
    #4 lolo 26 October, 2008, 16:31

    oh god…. please no!
    not more kids /denzel/yazoo/moogle scenes!! didn’t they steal all the screen time in the original one already!!!!!!!!!
    god, I hope there’s more to it.

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    • anne
      anne 30 June, 2009, 14:39

      about high time we saw more of Yazoo

    #5 X-SOLDIER 29 October, 2008, 09:42

    Dunno which movie you saw, but I wouldn’t say that Yazoo & the Moogle Girl stole all the screen time in the original. The Motorcycle chase, and Cloud & Sephiroth’s fight has been extended as well as the detail in the film, as I believe it’s being re-rendered to show higher quality for the blu-ray release.

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    • anne
      anne 19 August, 2009, 02:48

      Yazoo hand Moogle gorl have been awarded more time and Yazoo has a couple of more extra lines in it and one awsome scean when hes roaring through the narrow allyways of Edge city nearly knocking everyone over and of course the helecopter when he goes insane atacking the Turks but Yazoo is awsome in it the reason why he wasent in it as much as the others was a problem he shared with Tifa and Sephiroth his hair as it was lreally long it was a pain to draw to make it so realistic looking and as for Moogle girl she has sort of steped into the spotlight we learn about her brothers death and see the doll was his and how she befreinded Denzeland later befreinds Marlene even though shes not a real child shes a little star

  6. anne
    #6 anne 22 June, 2009, 02:38

    never seen the new Advent children yet[being in uk] do have the old one iv always wonderd about the Moogle girl i think shes about 10 but if her name was mentioned what would it be she looks like a suzie also so glad Yazoo has more sceanes hes my favorite bad guy

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  7. anne
    #7 anne 19 August, 2009, 02:42

    yeah that boy was Moogle girls brother again his name is unknown and is a few years younger than her maybe 6 or 7 id say as shes about 10 sadly the boy didnt make it as she later tells Denzel andapologizes to him for her hostile behavouir and thanks him before taking him to Yazoo i just seen the full version today on line its awsome took me an hour to find it but well worth the serch id recomend it

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