Artwork for Judge Gabranth revealed & two new wallpapers

by December 16, 2008 3 comments

Judge Gabranth has been revealed to be the secret character for FFXII, and today his corresponding artwork has been revealed thanks to V-Jump Books and the Destiny Hero Guide. Akio Otsuka reprises his role and given his artwork facing towards the right…it appears that Gabranth is aligned with the forces of Chaos.

Also, the official Dissidia website has released a character profile for Shantotto, and two new wallpapers featuring the warriors of Cosmos and the Warriors of Chaos. Here’s a preview of them. You can snag them at different sizes at the official Japanese Dissidia site.



  1. Tennyo
    #1 Tennyo 18 December, 2008, 07:54

    I don’t like those wallpapers. Are they supposed to be all slanted like that?

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  2. radith
    #2 radith 27 May, 2009, 13:54

    Hei.. The Judges are cool … well if only the story show from when balthier become a judge. Thoose armor are really cool ..

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  3. This DUde
    #3 This DUde 16 August, 2010, 18:47

    Itd be really cool if you could unlock the Armor the Judges wore and then the specific helmets of each one you defeat. Or better yet Unlock Judge Zecht’s armor (Reddas)

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