I daresay Final Fantasy XV exists!

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Square Enix showed a flurry of XV information yesterday, making it ever more likely that the game is actually a thing that exists — percentage of development completed, control details and an extended look at the upcoming demo.

Firstly, Kotaku reported that Hajime Tabata (Director) stated that the game is 60% complete. Which, as the article points out, is only a 5% increase from his reported completion in September, but acknowledges that creating demos frequently stalls progress on game development. It’s tempting to laugh at a game being 60% done after 9 years, but if we’re to believe that they started from near-scratch in 2013, that’s not exactly an awful pace.

q3uiagg8lsfij21ieneeSecondly, a description of the controls. Besides the the standard movement and camera control, it describes a jump button, dash/free run, and throwing your sword and warping to it (which consumes MP). You can also warp in combat as seen in previous demonstrations, guard with the shoulder button and Triangle/Y to use a special ability. Each weapon has different abilities that you can change between using left and right on the D-pad.

Lastly and most interestingly, almost an hour of gameplay footage from the demo (begins at around the 34:00 mark):

Of course, you will be able to see and play this when the demo is released alongside preordered copies of Type-0 HD on Playstation 4 and Xbox One on March 17th in North America and March 20th in Europe.

Personally, although I know much of the attention has gone to the “road trip” in the recent news about the game, I’m looking forward to see how that connects to some of the frenetic urban segments we’ve seen in past trailers such as that unbelievable-looking confrontation with Leviathan.


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