Tidus Speaks Again

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With another FFX post in the span of less than a week, you could be forgiven for calling into question our status as an FFVII site. However, we love nearly all the games equally here, also FFX has the added justification of being maybe-sorta-related to FFVII more directly?

In any case, James Arnold Taylor has started posting on his Youtube channel in earnest of late. He is a prominent voice actor, well known as the voice of Obi-Wan Kenobi, Fred Flintstone, Ratchet, Leonardo of the Ninja Turtles, and many more. For our purposes, though, he is Tidus. Savior of Spira and Yuna-heartthrob.

He seems to have been running an unofficial Final Fantasy X month here in March, which has led to several videos we thought you might be interested in. First was one of him discovering a CD given to him of Nobuo Uematsu playing a simple piano melody. Taylor is currently running a contest for people to guess why he was given it.

Fun stuff, and solid evidence of how respectfully “JAT,” as he refers to himself, treats his role in the world of Final Fantasy. Next up was an even more intimate view, Taylor discussing the infamous laughing scene:

Nothing that should be a surprise to an avid follower of Final Fantasy, but interesting regardless, I thought. Lastly, just today, he posted of a video depicting his exploration of an old box of scripts. He briefly looks at various things, but the script to Final Fantasy X features prominently, including the actor reading along with his Tidus lines for a page or two.

Anyway, no earth-shattering news here by any means, but I found these thoroughly enjoyable. Hopefully you will find that they plaster the same stupid grin across your face that I was sporting while watching these. I wanted to share them with you, as well as support James Arnold Taylor, who appears to be an incredibly nice person that earnestly appreciates the role. While the Tidus role did garner a lot of recognition for him, playing characters such as Fred Flintstone and Obi-Wan have been much higher profile and he would be justified in focusing entirely on those, so I hope you enjoyed these.

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