Dissidia Game Designer Tournament Video up on the Official Japanese Site

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A new video has been added to the official Japanese Dissidia Final Fantasy site showcasing an exhibition tournament amongst the various game designing staff. Major thanks to Hitoshura for translating their names here. Below you can read who the staff participants were, and the winner, if you can’t see the video yourself. It’s a very interesting watch to see how the creators themselves measure up in playing their own game.

The tournament participants, in order from top to bottom:

Kujiraoka (Tidus)

Takahashi (Garland)

Ikeda (Emperor)

Itamuro (Zidane)

Tomoe (Gabranth)

Watanabe (Warrior of Light)

Suzutaku (Exdeath)
* A special guest from the Dengeki Playstation editorial department.

And as you can see at the end of the videos, the winner was Takahashi and Garland.

Source: FF7 AC Reunion

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