North America Dissidia Purchase Incentives (Part 2)

by June 23, 2009 0 comments

After announcing the GameStop (covers) and Amazon (CD) bonus, SQUARE-ENIX announces now a new one. Everyone who buy a copy from Dissidia: Final Fantasy at Best Buy will recieve a Dissidia Desktop Calendar (the same from the Japanese bundle).


Who will you buy from?

Source: SQUARE-ENIX Members Blog

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  1. Makoeyes987
    #1 Makoeyes987 23 June, 2009, 11:24

    I think Best Buy has my money.

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  2. ForceStealer
    #2 ForceStealer 23 June, 2009, 16:27

    Sweet, that’s the est one yet.

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  3. LEgacyofDark
    #3 LEgacyofDark 23 June, 2009, 18:06


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  4. cloudstrifepsp
    #4 cloudstrifepsp 26 June, 2009, 01:03

    wow…its like crisis core all over again except i like the 2 extra game covers better lol.

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  5. Tennyo
    #5 Tennyo 26 June, 2009, 01:54

    You guys are kidding right? A calendar is what get’s your money? lolololol

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    • Makoeyes987
      Makoeyes987 2 July, 2009, 23:07

      A calendar is a lot more useful and meaningful than just a damn reverse cover. Wtf is that? I don’t really care about the cover to be honest. At least a calendar has a practical purpose!