New Dissidia Scans show Cosmos, Exdeath, Bartz, etc

by October 16, 2008 0 comments posted a fresh set of scans from Famitsu magazine for Dissidia, showing (amongst others) Cosmos, Exdeath, Bartz, Ultimecia in her EX-mode, and Squall in his ‘official’ uniform. The scans were removed from ff7ac.hotcafe, but thanks to we’ve gotten our hands on a copy of the scans.

According to a preliminary translation by Hitoshura (one of our members), there will only be characters from FFI to X in the game, especially the dialogue saying “you ten are this world’s last remaining hope” to Zidane and Butz. Final Fantasy XII seems to be omitted, but an earlier interview with Dissidia’s director, Takeshi Arakawa sheds light on that issue:


  • Where did the idea to make a fighting action game based on the RPG series “FF” come from?

Takeshi Arakawa: Actually, Nomura, the creative director, began thinking about this concept 7 years ago and already wanted to make a fighting game. Last year, the “FF” series celebrated its 20th anniversary and this is to commemorate that. The project itself began a little before that so the development has become somewhat more lengthly than expected.

  • Had it already been decided that “FF” characters would fight at that original point?

Takeshi Arakawa: Yes, that was decided at the start. We were going to have main characters appear against their rivals, selecting 2 characters from each of the FFs that had been released at that point, i.e. I to X, and fight each other.


A big thanks to our member Dark & Divine for reporting and posting these scans!

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