Cloud Static Arts Photos

by January 27, 2009 3 comments

In Hobby Japan, we have pictures of the new Cloud Static Arts statue. The concept for this piece is “The morning light streaming into the church as Cloud stands still while gazing into the distance,” which includes a base designed around the image of Aerith’s flowers in full bloom. It stands 34.5 cm (about 13.5 inches), will cost 15,540 yen (about $174 USD) and is slated for a release sometime this spring.


  1. Lioneh
    #1 Lioneh 27 January, 2009, 21:39

    While I can appreciate the concept of yet /another/ Cloud ‘Arts’ figurine (how many are there now, seven?), I would rather Square Enix pay attention to other major characters within the series who have no kind of figurine to speak of. I would personally love to see a few more Crisis Core Play Arts from Square, like Angeal and Genesis for example.

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  2. Tennyo
    #2 Tennyo 31 January, 2009, 08:34

    It’s times like this that I wish I had money to burn. le sigh

    And wow he comes off the base? Cool! 🙂

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  3. Shademp
    #3 Shademp 12 February, 2009, 16:16

    Is this really a new model? I’m surprised they use his old ‘Deep Ground’ SOLDIER symbol. Seems like these things don’t all adapt to the retcons of the compilation. At least the Dissidia game made the proper adjustment to his symbol.

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