Nomura explains Remake character switching

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In a brief interview with Famitsu, director Tetsuya Nomura mentioned something that was implied by the 2015 PSX Trailer.

After a few questions regarding Kingdom Hearts III, the conversation moved to the screenshots released at MAGIC 2017 which depict a situational cover system and Cloud and Barret facing off against the Guard Scorpion. Nomura had this to say about it:

Rather than just ending it at that scaffold, we’ve made wide use of the space and developed a battle that takes advantage of the map’s characteristics where you’ll fight while switching between Cloud and Barret. For example, when there’s an enemy in a position that can’t be reached by Cloud’s sword, it’s more effective to switch to Barret. It’s becoming strategic in that way, as well. The Guard Scorpion will change modes in the middle of the battle and demonstrate behavior not in the original version.

So it would seem that the clips of the PSX trailer that showed Barret as the center of the screen in battles were not merely special attacks as featured in Final Fantasy XV.

Source: Gematsu


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