Could we see FFVII Remake Tomorrow!?

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On March 25th this year, Sony launched their new game info series a la Nintendo Direct – “State of Play”. Tomorrow (May 9th 2019) the second will air at 1500 US Pacific Time according to the Playstation Blog. Sony also state that this time the show will last for only 10 minutes.

None of this is too exciting on its own. However, there are a few small tidbits of info circulating that indicate the remake could finally make its reappearance tomorrow.

Shinji Hashimoto keeps tweeting about it

Oh Shinj. Infamously, Shinji Hashimoto announced the re-release of the FFVII port to PS4 at the Playstation Experience in December 2014. Given that, we’re hesitant to trust anything coming from him. However, he’s been hyping State of Play with some cryptic comments:

This translates as “oh, oh, it’s here”. What’s here, Mr. Hashimoto? It should be noted that Hashimoto did not tweet about the last State of Play. He has also been re-tweeting FFVII related stuff over the last few days…

It will feature “the re-reveal of a third party game announced long ago”

Via ZhugeEX of ResetEra, followed by the infamous image of Shinji Hashimoto himself laughing at the fan reaction. A “third party game announced long ago” could refer to the confirmed Square Enix/ Marvel game too, but the gif seems to favour the remake…

For better or worse, we will be live-streaming this ten-minute presentation tomorrow. Temper your expectations! If it does show up, it could just be a teaser pointing to more information at E3. We’ll take that at this point tbh…

We will go live shortly before 1300PST(US)/ 2300BST(UK) on our Twitch channel, so stay tuned! In the meantime, feel free to pop on to our forums and chat about the remake there.

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