FFVII Remake Releasing March 3rd, 2020

by June 10, 2019 1 comment

At the end of the FFVII Symphony Concert in Los Angeles, Square Enix released a new trailer for FFVII Remake as well as the RELEASE DATE!!! Can you believe this day has come?

Have a look at the trailer here (what’s going on with Aerith at the end?):

Square Enix also released a new piece of “key art” featuring Sephiroth:

FFVII Remake will release on March 3rd, 2020! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT


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  1. Black Guy
    #1 Black Guy 10 June, 2019, 14:35

    March 2020? Happy Birthday to me… Also, why is Geostigma showing up in the first chapter of the Mako Reactor Raid?

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