“Voices of the Lifestream” Director Co-Directing New Final Fantasy VI Remix Album

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In celebration of the coming 25th Anniversary of the Final Fantasy series, OCRemix veterans McVaffe and zircon are now directing the making and release of a 4-Disc FF6 Album.

TLS favourite “Voices of the Lifestream” (also directed by zircon) brought four discs of remixed tracks from Final Fantasy VII in a magnificently diverse and intricate way, comprising a total of 45 titles of varying genres. From deeply atmospheric instrumental tracks such as “Frozen Landscape” to brilliant acoustic in “Sleep, My Sephy” to hardcore dance in “Ahead on our Rave”, the album was well received across the board.

A kickstarter for the new album started recently. The video is below, and the site can be found here.

The Kickstarter’s goal has already been tripled. However, donators who spend $50 or more will receive a limited edition physical copy of the game, of which only 1000 are being printed. As of writing, there are currently 410 copies remaining.

There also appears to be some hint at a mysterious FF VII related project in the works, based on this news update.

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