Music Remix: Vinyl Fantasy VII

by February 8, 2010 11 comments

Oil tycoon Barret enjoys Vinly Fantasy VII

From Team Teamwork, the same folks who made the Zelda soundtrack remix The Ocarina Of Rhyme, comes the newest music mashup of Vinyl Fantasy VII.

Although this may not be everyone’s cup of tea, if the idea of hip-hop music remixes of Final Fantasy VII tracks, featuring the vocals of Murs, Ghostface, and MF Doom get you excited, feel free to check it out at the link below.

Vinyl Fantasy VII


  1. Kuraudo
    #1 Kuraudo 8 February, 2010, 20:19

    Honestly Rap, Hip-Hop, etc need to stop taking beats, or sounds out of games, movies etc. It’s not my cup of tea and it makes me a bit more disappointed in our music industry and independent musicians. Now if it’s a remix of the actually song without the crappy lyrics, I can stand it. I like FFVII, but to hear about crap in the song…it wasn’t meant to be. :p

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  2. Hai
    #2 Hai 8 February, 2010, 22:24

    Ugh! Man this song is friggin horrible!

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  3. Mog
    #3 Mog 9 February, 2010, 12:56

    It’s obviously because you’re all racist.

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  4. Sollace
    #4 Sollace 9 February, 2010, 16:30

    No. x_x

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  5. Mog
    #5 Mog 9 February, 2010, 17:10

    As someone who actually appreciates this (even if it is novelty, I admit), I have to say my favorite track is ‘Me and this Jawn’, featuring the Mideel track.

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  6. Blayze
    #6 Blayze 9 February, 2010, 22:47


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  7. Dante Chief
    #7 Dante Chief 10 February, 2010, 10:53

    Awesome. Love the pic. I actually didn’t think it was all that bad. Which is funny since I generally hate rap.

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    #8 X-SOLDIER Author 10 February, 2010, 12:02

    I came up with the concept, and did a rough cut in paint, but you can thank Althea for the cleaner image that made it to the news post. (You can click it for fullsize too). 😉


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  9. DaySekay
    #9 DaySekay 14 February, 2010, 14:09

    Imagine if someone started making Symphonic versions of Eminem’s songs?
    Eminem fans would hate it.

    Someone makes Hip-hop out of FF, we’re obviously not going to like it…

    “It’s obviously because you’re all racist.”

    Yeah, because we were the ones using a black ‘person’ to portray a release of fanbased Hip-hop music….

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  10. Dudley
    #10 Dudley 8 March, 2010, 04:36

    Good idea, not so great execution. The beats are waaay to pronounced in most of the tracks and they drown out the FF track, defeating the purpose of the mix. For the most part, the raps selected had no connection to the track they were matched with. MF Doom/Barret’s theme was the exception. Though the thought of Tifa booty dancing to Gucci Mane is too hilarious not to give this a pass.

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