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Mariketsu 10/23/2009 08:22 PM

The Works of Don Bluth
Nin brought this up in the "World needs more of" discussion and I figured I'd make a thread about it. How many of you guys are fans of Don Bluth films? One of my all-time faves has always been 'All Dogs Go to Heaven' as well as 'Thumbelina'. Loved the 'Land Before Time' films before they really took off with it and made so many freakin sequels :(. What you thinks, Nin?

~ SoS

Alex 10/23/2009 08:58 PM

The Land Before Time is one of the greatest stand-alone movies ever. Ever.

Mariketsu 10/23/2009 09:12 PM

Oh trust me, I love the first one, was the best one of them all ^^. Some of the sequels were good, but they started to make too many for my taste, but the first one is a classic XP.

~ SoS

Celes Chere 10/23/2009 09:31 PM

I loved All Dogs Go To Heaven and Land Before Time- in fact, I still do! Land Before Time still makes me sniffle. T^T But also squeal, because it's so cute. c:

Mariketsu 10/23/2009 09:37 PM

Inorite!? Same here XD. Still love 'All Dogs Go to Heaven' and I recently started watching 'A Troll In Central Park' on youtube :3. Some of Don Bluths older works are actually posted on youtube to watch in parts, I noticed. the 'Pebble and the Penguin' was another cute one and am I right to think Bluth also did 'An American Tail'? Can't remember... Oh yeah and there's 'Secret of NIMH', one I have yet to watch.

~ SoS

sheens 10/23/2009 09:50 PM

YouTube Video


Alessa Gillespie 10/23/2009 11:45 PM

Land Before Time is a sadass movie, because I personally feel the dinosaurs all died in the end and the Great Valley is some sort of dinosaur heaven. I mean really, you CAN'T have a happy dinosaur movie at the end of the Cretaceous period.

But I also really like An American Tale, Secret of NIHM, Anastasia, etc. Except probably Thumbelina (because the songs are just BAD, but it's still an alright movie I suppose.) and Pebble and the Penguin (no plz.)

Alex 10/24/2009 12:03 AM


Secret of NIHM


Interslicery 10/24/2009 01:20 AM

Rock-A-Doodle bitches!! WOOOO!

The man hasnt really done a good movie since '89. We really dont need more movies from him unless he can pull his old talent out of his ass, which I doubt

Emma 10/24/2009 01:44 AM

I loved Thumbelina, All Dogs Go to Heaven and LBT. Great movies. I also agree that LBT was good until they created so many sequels. Rock a Doodle is good, my older sisters love that movie lol

Thumbelina and Anastasia are the best though, or at least to me they are.

looneymoon 10/24/2009 04:44 AM

My favourite movie of his is The Secret of Nimh. Alot of the images stayed with me for years and years before I was able to watch it again.

I also really liked An American Tail and All Dogs Go to Heaven. Those ones especially have alot of heart in them. I recently rewatched Thumbelina and couldn't help but facepalm through most of it, and I can never look at the Land Before Time the same anymore because of my stupid friend linking me to some Rule 34 Land Before Time site D:

and I know alot of people thinks he "sold out" at this point, but I still think Anastasia and Titan A.E. are amazing. I think Anastasia is actually on par with Nimh as my favourite - I thought the music was absolutely beautiful (you have no soul if you aren't even a little touched by Once Upon a December)

Animexcel 10/26/2009 03:27 AM

I met Don Bluth when he did a lecture in college. It was around the time when Titan A.E. was out. He drew me a skinny knight lol But yeah, American Tail, Land Before Time and Secret of Nimh are my faves.

I found out that the kid who voiced Little Foot played the bad kid in Robocop 2. If you want to hear Little Foot say "fuck" and "bitch", watch it.

Mariketsu 10/26/2009 01:53 PM


Originally Posted by Interslicery (Post 179412)
Rock-A-Doodle bitches!! WOOOO!

The man hasnt really done a good movie since '89. We really dont need more movies from him unless he can pull his old talent out of his ass, which I doubt

Oh hell, totally forgot about 'Rock-A-Doodle'!!! SO LOVE that one too, thanks for reminding me Inter ^_^! That one was really cute and I love the story in it. The Head Owl annoyed the hell out of me XD. Also, forgot he did 'Anastasia' too, god, I'm dumb XP. Loved "Once Upon A December" and also love to sing it too :). Wow, haven't seem many of his films in so long, forgot alot of the ones he made, lolz. 'Titan A.E.' was great, don't know why alot of peeps didn't like that one D: The story was amazing and the characters actually came off rather unique, imho.

~ SoS

Celes Chere 10/26/2009 05:15 PM


Omg, what was I thinking to forget this! I just watched it recently, too. This movie is absolutely one of my favorites. I need to own it. :c

Secrets of Nihm is one I have always wanted to watch as well... Because it features my favorite type of animal. ;D

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