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BforBrigitta 08/01/2018 02:17 AM


Originally Posted by Channy (Post 790215)

Originally Posted by f a n c y (Post 790185)
+ Flare :monster:

It's all chill bruh, I didn't read Channy's poast that way. 'Middle management' pretty much hits the nail on the head. :lol: I understand and appreciate your sentiments hunny bun, but I'm certain no harm was meant n shit. :awesomonster:

Definitely not :monster: when I meant lowly, I was thinking within the actual Shinra HQ of it (in game) - the behind the scenes people who make the world/Midgar go round. Middle Management because.. well, they are :monster: Not quite the mods and admins but still enough authority that I wanna get spanked by Fancy if I step out of line :megusta:

Faaaair, sorry for making assumptions, hun :lol:

Ghost X 08/01/2018 02:54 AM

Come on, rusty nail bat for Moderators! You can duuu eeet :P.

Strangelove 08/01/2018 02:56 AM


Originally Posted by Channy (Post 790155)
Staff Emeritus - Cosmo Canyon - because they died

do you know something i don’t about what happened to me

SeaDragon 08/01/2018 12:04 PM

Voted! it was quite difficult.
  • Admin - Ultima (complete and powerful)
  • Moderator - Nail Bat (undecided between this and the masamune but come on :monster:)
  • Site Contributor - ShinRa (employees, corporation..)
  • Community Manager - Buster Sword (I reconnect it to the perseverance and energy of Zack so...)
  • Donator - Meteor (recognizable and important)
  • Great Old One - Jenova (easy)
  • Staff Emeritus - Cosmo Canyon (old, peaceful and wise)
I have no preferences for style. Style 2 are very nice, colorful and well made but I have a weakness for the minimalist (Style 1). In short, I like both.

BforBrigitta 08/02/2018 05:20 AM

That results table be like

But then Jenova pulls up all

I'm on the edge of my seat! :mon:

My must-votes were:
Admin Meteor
Donator Shinra

Please take the survey if you haven't yet, everyone!

f a n c y 08/02/2018 08:54 PM

An Announcement
ATTN: Closing this thread and survey.
Look out for a new one in the next 24 hours.

Shout out to Brigitta who’s worked tirelessly on the minimalist rendition on these badges. I’m floored by her work and excited for everyone to see what she’s whipped up for the community. You’ll not only see these renditions in the next surveh, but you’ll have the chance to help decide which versions of said renditions we’re going to keep. She’s a gem, y’all!

See you soon.

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