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kuro 01/17/2011 07:50 AM

Hello all!

It's been awhile, i been really busy over this holiday, and with work, life etc... but in mist of all this i had an idea for creating a FFVII 2D MMORPG

after lots of time searching for the right engine... i finally found it!! =)

so without further a due, i give you "FFVII: Online (2D MMORPG)" DEMO

Visit for more info, and download of game client.

(I will have the server up all day today for sure, so please be sure to check it out)

**NOTE to ADMINS, i have just added a forum back to my website... because i think it is needed going forward. I will still have your affiliate link / banner up on the site, but since i've added a forum, i guess you can remove this sub-forum from "" if you would like to keep it, maybe change the name to FF7Online: Fan-Games (that would be cool, but understandable if you wish to delete it)

kuro 01/19/2011 10:16 PM

*UPDATE: Just Purchased and Setup and New Dedicated Server!

Everyone can Demo it now!

Feedback is Welcome! = )

kuro 02/01/2011 02:32 AM

Anyone Interested in Creating TileSets / Textures for FFVII: Online-MMORPG? or know of any good resources?

If you have not already tried it, please stop by the site and check it out....

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