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Lucis Caelum 12/14/2017 12:32 PM

DISNEY has bought 21st Century Fox

Rupert Murdoch has agreed to sell $66bn (£49bn) worth of 21st Century Fox’s assets, including a Hollywood film studio and 39% stake in Sky, in a deal that transforms his media empire.

The takeover involves the 86-year-old tycoon and his family taking a 4.25% stake in Disney, which gains control of Fox assets including Avatar, X-Men, The Simpsons and Modern Family as well as the FX and National Geographic businesses.
For more details, here is the article.

Tennyo 12/14/2017 12:52 PM

It's kind of becoming scary how much Disney owns...

ForceStealer 12/14/2017 12:56 PM

Well there's a hundred more potential Kingdom Hearts

Tetsujin 12/14/2017 01:18 PM

(please don't reboot Deadpool)

Does Avatar actually belong to Fox? I always assumed Cameron's Lightstorm Entertainment had ownership of it. It's in the official press release, so I guess not...

X-SOLDIER 12/14/2017 01:20 PM

• Do we get the fanfare before Star Wars films now?
• Are Xenomorphs Disney Princesses?
• Will the X-Men get a proper Marvel Universe thing going?
• Will Hugh Jackman cameo as Wolverine in an Avengers film?

Most of all, I think that they worked really hard at this to get a TON of Marvel's stuff back under one roof, and also to get enough properties, such that them launching their own streaming service was a viable move, and it DEFINITELY is now.

X :neo:

Tetsujin 12/14/2017 01:43 PM



Originally Posted by X-SOLDIER (Post 771784)
• Do we get the fanfare before Star Wars films now?

I hope so :monster:
Bugs me they didn't even get John Williams to at least compose an original Lucasfilm fanfare to lead into the Star Wars movies as a replacement or something...


• Are Xenomorphs Disney Princesses?


• Will the X-Men get a proper Marvel Universe thing going?
The answer is


• Will Hugh Jackman cameo as Wolverine in an Avengers film?
From Jackman himself:
"It’s interesting because for the whole 17 years I kept thinking that would be so great, like I would love to see, particularly, Iron Man and the Hulk and Wolverine together. And every time I saw an Avengers movie I could just see Wolverine in the middle of all of them like punching them all on the head. But it was like, “Oh well, that’s not gonna happen,” and it was interesting just when I first saw that headline — it was just the possibility of it and who knows what’s gonna happen, obviously — I was like, “Hang on!” But I think, unfortunately, the ship has sailed for me, but for someone else I would like to see Wolverine in there."

Animexcel 12/14/2017 04:17 PM

Shademp 12/14/2017 05:13 PM

At this rate Disney is soon gonna own the whole planet!

YouTube Video

Lex 12/14/2017 05:34 PM

Disney owns the Buffyverse now. Interesting.

Tetsujin 12/14/2017 05:59 PM

ChipNoir 12/14/2017 09:44 PM

Disney has purchased odd things in the past. Mirmiax/Dimensions for example. Yes, that actually means that Hellraiser and Children of the Corn were indeed at one point Disney IP's. They have a lot of subsidiaries, ranging from Buena Vista to Touchstone, and they're careful with how they integrate brands.

So the only real major thing that I see here is now they can make their own X-men films in line with the Marvel Universe if they choose. Anything else will still probably still have the Fox logo attached. They OWN that name now, and that name has power. People associate with it, and Disney will keep that integrity intact.

Howl 12/14/2017 10:10 PM


Tennyo 12/14/2017 11:09 PM

So waaaaaaiiiiiit *hasn't read article*

Can someone tell me if this means Disney now owns Fox News? *is at work so hard to research atm*

Flintlock 12/14/2017 11:20 PM

No, Murdoch is keeping Fox News.

Clement Rage 12/14/2017 11:21 PM

Wow... that's a lot of content controlled by one company. I'm kind of nervous.

A lot of studios are likely to be squeezed out if this turns into a three way war between the ruthless few still standing.

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