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Pixel 10/02/2017 08:16 PM


Originally Posted by 108 (Post 764412)
I got a new one!

And youtube!

YouTube Video

I am starting to get sort of a critical mass of "You didn't cover this part!" messages and comments . . . oh no . . . I wish I could just play the game super-slowly and translate like every line! Though I guess I have, uh, day-jobby stuff to do over here at Kotaku as well lol

We do wanna do another stream, though! So maybe we will! Heck, I hope we do.

You should try to do a stream with Alexander O Smith. It would be really interesting hearing the perspective of a localiser.

I need to record more footage. Havent had any time at all the last couple of weeks, and Ive been trying to get a video done for our own channel lol. Stupid work getting in the way of real life stuff.

X-SOLDIER 10/02/2017 08:56 PM


This episode was fucking amazing. I can't get enough of your analysis – especially when it involves our original cow farming, pizza-not-having translator. Also, I updated your post with the embedded version, and speaking of which, here's the stream from earlier: (which is being a jerk on the embed, but you can definitely click to watch it on the YouTubes).

YouTube Video

X :neo:

108 10/02/2017 10:14 PM


Originally Posted by Six (Post 764413)
Yass! DO EET!

PS, is your old Twitch account still around? And/ or did you save the vods to a different site? I'd love to check them out.

Ah, yeah, my old twitch is at (I plan to use it again at *some* point in the near-ish future; I just got a lot of Life Stuff going on lately, unfortunately), and I have a bunch of Persona 5 vods on my YouTube --

Those Persona 5 vods are massive lol . . . uhh, I was playing the game for the first time, so I stumble around a lot, though I've got the Japanese voices and the English subtitles on and I mention a bunch of grammar / vocabulary stuff.

Those streams, interestingly enough, came up in my job interviews when I applied to Kotaku!!

108 10/02/2017 10:15 PM


Originally Posted by FancySycamoreTree (Post 762286)
*Starts up 108 Harem Fanclub* :megusta:


Lex 10/02/2017 10:40 PM

Excellent stuff as usual, really looking forward to more streams!

ForceStealer 10/02/2017 11:17 PM

Thoroughly enjoyable once again :) Very interesting clarifications, and the jokes are good too (I especially liked the one on playing the motorcycle chase at 3x speed :P)

And it's always funny how the Orthopedic underwear thing could be so wrong and yet so nearly applicable anyway, rather amazing.

BforBrigitta 10/03/2017 01:17 PM

Oh my God so many great, side-splitting moments in this video, Tim!!! Spinal Pantasy, Pizza Hat, Gratuitous Motorcycle Shot, Things Incredible in 1997. One of your best episodes yet, though they're all pretty heavy contenders. Thanks so much. I'd like and unlike that FB post 500 times if I could singlehandedly bring that number up for another episode.

X-SOLDIER 11/15/2017 09:54 PM

YouTube Video

X :neo:

108 11/21/2017 04:59 PM

yeahhHHHHH i was just about to come here and say "WHOA HEY i posted a new one!" it looks like you already took care of that, though.

WHAT IF i told you there's ANOTHER new one . . . going up later today, or tomorrow? yeah, i made two at once. i have two more scripted -- i just need to record them and edit them together.


Lex 11/21/2017 05:17 PM

Then we'd all be very excited :monster:

X-SOLDIER 11/21/2017 06:00 PM

This sounds like excellent potential news for everyone here! I can't wait to see whether or not that's a thing that you did, and enjoy the content that you might've done! :D

X :neo:

X-SOLDIER 11/21/2017 09:10 PM


YouTube Video

X :neo:

108 11/21/2017 10:19 PM


ForceStealer 11/22/2017 02:06 AM

That one was pretty hilarious.

Especially the bit about people apparently only able to describe Sephiroth by an inaccurate word for his clothes. When I was younger, I think I just figured everyone was actually seeing one of those "uhh, ahhh" clones that are actually in black cloaks. Hence why he ignored the man on the road to Corel and stuff. But given that he also killed a couple soldiers in Junon, I dunno that that's actually supposed to be the case.

Also, having seen no shortage of anime/video games that use the "god of death" moniker, I really like the "walkin' death sentence" localization. It's a lot less melodramatic and sounds more like something an English speaker could conceivably a dystopian pseudo-fantasy world, I guess.

And I ALWAYS figured the "Techno-freak" was just referring to the fact that Barret was in favor of a Mako reactor over the old fashioned coal mine! Hot damn, that is the second time in this series that the translator got something COMPLETELY wrong but it managed to kinda fit anyway. Amazing.

Alex Strife 11/22/2017 12:57 PM

I always figured Sephiroth was travelling with a cloak to hide his signature hair (anyone would recognise him, yeah?) and possibly his sword.

I mean, it made the most sense to early teen me. :lol:

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