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Flare 09/13/2017 08:35 PM

TLS party for Dungeons and Dragons!
Right, so, I want to organize a TLS DnD session!

I've never played DnD before and wasn't really interested in doing so until last year. I started hearing some pretty good and entertaining stories from sessions that others have played, and found out you can do sessions just by chatting via discord and whatnot.
Joe explained some basics last year and I was surprised as how 'easy' it was to actually play a session; I used to think you needed the game board, figures, booklets, physical dice, and that you have to play in person, yadda yadda. Pleasantly surprised to learn you didn't have to!

I know there's people on TLS who've played the game before and enjoy it, and I'm proposing that some of us from TLS set up a campaign and play sessions over Discord (perhaps make a voice channel specifically for this on the TLS server?)
Now because I've never played a game, I'm obviously hoping that several of you who want to play will do the honors of teaching me the game so I can learn. :awesome:

I was reading a basic manual that Joe sent along and I think I've got a good gist of character creation and basic game rules, and figured I need to start putting some stuff into practice to really get to learning now. :monster:

So, I'm looking for at least 3 more players from TLS, and for one of them to be the DM (preferably someone who's patient with newbies and knows the game inside out lol). Hopefully several of you peeps are interested because I really want to give it a go and don't have anyone in-person that cares about the game. :D I'll do all the organizing and shit for getting a session going and keeping in touch with people who's interested, for those who would love to play/DM but are shite at setting up things like this. :awesome:

Right, who's interested? :reptar:

Edit: Player list!

Those who're willing to DM:
Darth (Doom Bunneh)

Those interested in playing:
Licorice (maybe)
Jecht (maybe)

Total count: 13 potential players and 2 DM's.

Edit 2:
Link for Roll20! Everyone will need an account here to be able to play.
Link for DnD 5e Players Handbook!
Link for a great series of videos on How to Play Dungeons and Dragons 5e

Edit 3: Doodle Calender for Joe's team (AKA the Good Team):

Minato 09/13/2017 08:49 PM

I'm very interested! I have listen to hundreds of hours of people playing D&D through podcasts, always wanted to try it myself but don't have the offline friends for it.

CrashOuch 09/13/2017 09:02 PM

Could be cool! I've always wanted to play!

Tetsujin 09/13/2017 09:10 PM

YouTube Video

Joe 09/13/2017 09:45 PM

I'm down, and also up for DM'ing if nobody else would like to. I've a little experience with it and a lot of experience as a player for like two years now. Happy to run a small campaign or at least a few beginner sessions if people are interested.

Roll20 is a pretty fantastic site for running these kinda DnD games online with people. There's a lot of resources and tools to make up for all the paper and dice you'd need irl.

Omega 09/13/2017 09:45 PM

I'm interested as well, but know next to nothing about the DnDs.

Chloe Frazer 09/13/2017 09:45 PM

Tets don't be a Yop.

Shamefully I also have never played DnD before so I'm in.

f a n c y 09/13/2017 09:46 PM

Happy that you've taken it upon yourself to organise everything. <3 <3 <3 :glomp: Thanks for putting this in motion~

Flare 09/13/2017 10:13 PM

Well I'm liking the looks of this so far :awesome: <3

Channy 09/13/2017 11:44 PM


Originally Posted by Chop Chop Master Onion (Post 762184)
I'm interested as well, but know next to nothing about the DnDs.


Originally Posted by Chloe Frazer (Post 762185)
Tets don't be a Yop.

Shamefully I also have never played DnD before so I'm in.

Looks like we're all in the same boat :monster:

Tennyo 09/14/2017 12:04 AM

I'd love to join in if I have the time. :)

Flintlock 09/14/2017 12:18 AM

Which edition of D&D is it, do you know? I've only played Pathfinder before but that's compatible with D&D 3.5. If it's anything newer than that then I'll probably have to pass because I don't think my brain has room for another full set of rules. :wacky:

Edit: Actually, I guess I could give it a go, as long as I don't have to DM. :P I did that last time when some of us played Pathfinder and had to abandon it after about five sessions because it was just so much work, even when running a pre-made campaign.

Flare 09/14/2017 01:40 AM

^I would assume it'd be best to just go with the latest version of DnD. o.o Which is like the 5th edition or something?

Mmm but I'm liking where this is going so far. <3 :reptar:


Originally Posted by Channy
Looks like we're all in the same boat :monster:

Channy does that mean you're interested too? :monster:

Mr. Ite 09/14/2017 03:27 AM

If you google "5e players handbook PDF" you'll get the book. That's all you need.

I'm in by the way! I'd like to be a player since I'm already DMing one campaign and working on my materia thing. That's plenty of homework already ^_^

Doom Bunneh 09/14/2017 08:52 AM

Oh Flare.... Oh Flare-y Flare Flare....

So I have played 3.5 both in CRPG and tabletop, and a bit of 4th and 5th in tabletop format, and I'm currently DM-ing a converted version of 3.5 specific to the Star Wars universe. YOU HAVE AWAKENED THE BEAST!

I'm probably not the best DM, but I'm also willing to be such or perhaps to co-DM with Joe (if you're up for that, Joe), or play along, or both (which is what I do in the SW campaign). I have a lot of resources for 3.5, nothing for 4th or 5th, but I could probably get my hands on some stuff.

So if the time works out, I'm in!

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