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Addy Carver 08/07/2018 11:31 PM

TLS t-shirts
Some of you may recall that I got on this before Pomingham Palace but the printer I wanted to use was in the process of changing premises. Since Pomathon is imminent now, I decided to get back on it (also because I'm going to chuck a t-shirt into the raffle prize bundle).

I had a list of who wanted what but I've lost it whilst packing and rearranging stuff so if you're interested in a TLS t-shirt (prices to be confirmed), reply with size and style (choice of round or v-neck, unisex or lady fit) or via PM and I'll see to getting them ordered this week, as long as the proof is good.

Minato 08/07/2018 11:34 PM

round neck, unisex, M, please!

f a n c y 08/07/2018 11:44 PM

V neck, unisex, largest size available please. :megusta:

Thank you sooo much for this, Mage!! :glomp:

Addy Carver 08/07/2018 11:47 PM

I can get two of you in one of my t-shirts, missy. :watchingu:

Actually that sounds like a delightful proposition. :awesome:

f a n c y 08/08/2018 12:01 AM!!!

Don’t tease me, Mage!

looneymoon 08/08/2018 12:01 AM

honestly if we had a merch store I would rock some of the gear

Minato 08/08/2018 12:56 AM


Originally Posted by Addy Carver (Post 790660)
I can get two of you in one of my t-shirts, missy. :watchingu:

Actually that sounds like a delightful proposition. :awesome:

We have a deal!

BforBrigitta 08/08/2018 05:35 AM

Round neck, L, lady fit please. You're a gem!!!

Ergo 08/08/2018 06:55 AM

Round neck XL unisex
I have the man boobs

Chloe Frazer 08/08/2018 01:24 PM

Round neck, M, lady fit.

Fangu 08/08/2018 04:48 PM

Round neck, ladyfit, L

Love you Mage <3

Tetsujin 08/08/2018 05:12 PM

round, unisex, M :mon:

Cthulhu 08/08/2018 06:01 PM

Do they come with like eight sleeves to fit all the tentacles?

Ergo 08/08/2018 06:40 PM

Just one waterproof pocket on the inside that you need to push everything into

Channy 08/09/2018 03:39 AM

Round neck, 2xl, unisex.. I like having it baggy for my boobs and gut :monster:

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