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f a n c y 07/30/2018 09:10 PM

COMMUNITY VOTE!! - Assigning Badges to Roles
G'morning/afternoon/evening me lovies.

For the past week, BforBrigitta and I have been producing badges that will replace the titles and roles currently visible under our usernames in the move to XF. You can catch up on all that good stuff here.

For those all caught up, I ask that you kindly take the time to complete this quick survey in order to help sort and assign a badge to a specific role. Each question is required—no biggie, just pick a badge. :mon:

The roles you'll be helping to assign badges to are as follows:
  • Admin
  • Moderator
  • Site Contributor
  • Community Manager
  • Donator
  • Great Old One
  • Staff Emeritus

You'll also get a chance to vote which style of badge that you prefer at the very end of the survey. You'll also have the option to go back and change your vote at the end in case of instant regrets. :P

Please note that the badges appear bigger on the survey than they will in XF. Also note that all images appear on a neutral, grey badge because the images are the focus.


X-SOLDIER 07/30/2018 10:37 PM

Voted. That was harder than I expected it would be with all the friggin' cool designs. YOU'RE ALL DOING SUCH GREAT WORK, I CAN'T EVEN! I also kinda wanted to poast what went through my mind when voting as well.
  • Admin – ShinRa (Heads of the Corp)
  • Moderator – SOLDIER (The main troops with powah)
  • Site Contributor – Fenrir (Helping differently than the SOLDIER)
  • Community Manager – Meteor (Symbolically representative of the FFVII / TLS community)
  • Donator – Buster Sword (A recognizable & cool donation symbol)
  • Great Old One – Ultima Weapon (The result of completing all the poast sidequesting)
  • Staff Emeritus – Masamune (Former ShinRa & will never be just a memory)


I am looking forward to seeing how other people feel/sort out their opinions over which symbol corresponds to what, and finding out how it all shakes out in the end!

X :neo:

ForceStealer 07/30/2018 11:20 PM

lol, it's funny the way our different rationales for the same role affected our choices:
  • Admin - Ultima Weapon (most powerful)
  • Moderators - SOLDIER (same as you)
  • Site Contributor - Shinra ('rank-and-file' employees)
  • Community Manager - Jenova (Everyone influenced by her cells, Reunion, etc.)
  • Donator - Buster Sword (same as you)
  • Great Old One - Meteor (iconic, etc.)
  • Staff Emeritus - Cosmo Canyon (learned and wise)

Admittedly, I think your rationale for your Great Old One and Staff Emeritus choices are better than mine :monster:

Flare 07/30/2018 11:32 PM

Took me a while to go through these and decide! Really tough options here. :D Here's my thoughts on them.
I nixxed the Cosmo Canyon, Nail bat, and Masamune at the start, the former being an awesome design but I feel it fails at being a badge at a small size, while the latter two were just my least favorite designs overall (though something representative of Sephiroth might be a great idea anyways, I just think a feather might do better?)

  • Admin – Meteor. Was deciding between Meteor and Shinra logo, but felt that Meteor suited the role more (the color played a part here).
  • Moderator – Soldier logo. Turks might be better (idk, badge with a suit? :lol:) but Soldier brings to mind a group that could moderate situations?
  • Site Contributor – Shinra. Though I thought they could've been for Moderator as well, but then the Soldier logo doesn't fit Site Contributor...
  • Community Manager – Ultima. Tbh I wasn't very solid with this one though, felt like another logo would've been better but I thought said other logos were better elsewhere. :lol:
  • Donator – Fenrir. No big thinking behind this, Fenrir makes me think of a delivery service though so? :thinking:
  • Great Old One – Jenova, hands down. She's the closest to a great old one in FFVII. :D
  • Staff Emeritus – Buster Sword. Purely because Buster Sword makes me think of Zack (or Angeal if you like the compilation) and brings to mind a sort of... idk, legacy, you know?

Also I voted for B's style, I love the artsy-ness of Fancy's designs but I think the simplistic, modern look that B has fits XF better, and also is symbolic of the whole 'moving to a new forum' thing going on.

JechtShotMK9 07/31/2018 01:19 AM


Fancy's Fancy Fixins FTW.

B's are great too, though :monster:

f a n c y 07/31/2018 03:08 AM

Thanks for the votes everyone! This coming Thursday Evening/Friday Morning, I'm going to run a second survey to get a majority (just 51%+) vote between the top two badges for each role (assuming there needs to be a vote). So far, the only badge/role match-up that has more than 50% of the community vote is 'Jenova' for 'Great Old One'. This way a badge that wins isn't winning with only, say, a quarter of the community support. We'll choose the best of the best.

YEAH, so keep your eyes peeled for that, please. :properhug: That should give us sufficient time to have the badges figured out in time for the XF move. Hype!

looneymoon 07/31/2018 04:55 AM

I just wanna say that the illustratitive buttons are great, but if you have multiple buttons it runs the risk of colours clashing.

/pro simple design thoughts

Channy 07/31/2018 04:56 AM

Those are some seriously bitching badges man and a tough survey to take..

Admin - Masamune - because they can burn this place to the ground ala' Nibelheim style
Moderators - Ultima Weapon - because they're pretty powerful but not quite the top of the foot chain
Site Contributor - Buster Sword - because they know how to mosey
Community Manager - Shinra - think, lowly middle management employees
Donator - Meteor - iconic but not exclusive, the symbol which brought us all together
Great Old One - Jenova - because... well... come on
Staff Emeritus - Cosmo Canyon - because they died and so did Bugenhagen :(

And I had to go no preference on the icon template... it was really a tough decision that I couldn't make. The OCD in me prefers the clean, stylistic look of the hexagon white badges... but the colours and details on the round ones are just adorable.

Fangu 07/31/2018 06:27 AM

The fuck is happening to my Shinra donator badge?! Sadface.

LicoriceAllsorts 07/31/2018 06:48 AM

I gave the Mods the Nail Bat.

BforBrigitta 07/31/2018 07:07 AM


Originally Posted by Channy (Post 790155)
Community Manager - Shinra - think, lowly middle management employees

I would contend that 'lowly' is not at all what Fancy is, nor is the role of Community Manager.

f a n c y 07/31/2018 04:56 PM

+ Flare :monster:

It's all chill bruh, I didn't read Channy's poast that way. 'Middle management' pretty much hits the nail on the head. :lol: I understand and appreciate your sentiments hunny bun, but I'm certain no harm was meant n shit. :awesomonster:

Anyway, ~31 votes later, I wanted to post a snapshot of the results and give folks an idea of what the second survey is going to look like this Thursday/Friday.

Yay, looks like we have two definites: Jenova for 'Great Old One' and badges in minimalist Style 1.

As you can see, some badges are going to be considered for more than one role. In a case where, say, BUSTER SWORD wins the majority vote for both 'Moderator' and 'Site Contributor', we'll take a closer look at the actual number of votes.

Picture this:

Though 'Site Contributor' technically has the greater percentage, physically, more people voted 'Moderator' to get the Buster Sword. So 'Moderator' gets it.


This is definitely just a report and not a thinly veiled attempt to bump this thread and assure that every active participant in the community is voting. :mon:

fucking vote

Fangu 07/31/2018 06:49 PM

Righteo, I voted. Two things in specific:
  • I voted weapons purely for all titles related to managing the forums. I thought it was a nice way to separate distinct forum powers from other things. Worth mentioning here: The 'Emeritus' title is used for both forum and site staff, that's why I didn't vote for a weapon for this one.
  • I voted Site Contributor and Community Manager the same, as I see Community Manager a title similar to Site Director, Editor, Author, Creative Director, Technical Editor, Site Manager, Site Developer... etc all the other titles we've used over the years.

So what I voted was:

Admin – Ultima. Ultimate powers and shit.
Moderator – Buster Sword. Well recognized.
Site Contributor + Community Manager – Meteor. It's our logo and shit.
Donator – Shinra. As fancy put it, dolla dolla bling bling :D
Great Old One – Jenova, yep. She's about my age!
Staff Emeritus – Cosmo Canyon thingy. But could just as well be Fenrir or Soldier from my pov.

I like the plain style logos but I really enjoyed the coloured ones so that got my vote.

AvecAloes 07/31/2018 10:11 PM

I voted the other day but tbh I can’t remember everything I chose :monster:

Channy 07/31/2018 11:55 PM


Originally Posted by f a n c y (Post 790185)
+ Flare :monster:

It's all chill bruh, I didn't read Channy's poast that way. 'Middle management' pretty much hits the nail on the head. :lol: I understand and appreciate your sentiments hunny bun, but I'm certain no harm was meant n shit. :awesomonster:

Definitely not :monster: when I meant lowly, I was thinking within the actual Shinra HQ of it (in game) - the behind the scenes people who make the world/Midgar go round. Middle Management because.. well, they are :monster: Not quite the mods and admins but still enough authority that I wanna get spanked by Fancy if I step out of line :megusta:

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