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Shademp 11/29/2010 02:59 PM

FFVII Versions FAQ
1) What is this FAQ about & why write it?
2) FFVII Versions Overview
3) Differences/Changes
- Starting The Game
- Spells & Materia
- Battle Field
- Bosses, Battle Changes, Enemies & Encounters
- Playable Characters
- FMVs
- Items
- Main Menu
- Pre-rendered Backgrounds & Environments
- Script, Events & Character Actions
- Script, Events & Character Actions, minor
- Minigames, Gold Saucer
- Audio
- Miscellaneous
4) Credit


This guide details the differences in gameplay spanning across
all versions of FFVII. Release dates, different packagings, disc covers, manuals etc are NOT the subject here.

Want to know which pre-rendered backgrounds were changed after the first japanese release?
What scenarios and scripts differ from version to version? How many iterations of the minigames are there?
THIS is the place to learn such things. =)

At present I only know of one guide detailing the changes made from one FFVII version to another and that is Kao Megura's "Changes" FAQ.
However this guide is incomplete, outdated and is no longer receiving any updates.
(The guide holds interesting notes about the various FFVII demos, the Japanese-to-English translation of the game and some old rumors surrounding the game so it is definitely a recommended read.)

For this reason I thought I'd take the chance and summarize how the FFVII experience differs depending on which version you choose.


These are the editions of FFVII this document deals with.

- Original Japanese release
- English NTSC
- English PAL
- Second Japanese release, "FFVII International"
- PC edition

For those unfamiliar with NTSC and PAL, these are analog television systems. NTSC plays FFVII at 60 Hz (or closer to 59.82 Hz) and PAL plays FFVII at 50 Hz. Anyone who has compared PAL and NTSC gameplay can instantly spot how tedious the PAL versions are in comparison. Japan is an NTSC region so these versions are played at 60 Hz as well.

I know of Spanish, German and French PAL localizations but due to my limited knowledge of these they will be ignored for the majority of this document.

Save files from the Original Japanese FFVII can be used on FFVII International, but not vice-versa.

The PC version was released both in America and Europe.
I have not heard of any differences between the American and European release so they shall be treated as one and the same version.
As far as I know there was never a Japanese PC release. The existing official localizations for PC are English, French and Spanish.

For convenience I will use a series of abbreviations to refer to one or more versions of FFVII. Here is a list of these:

Japanese Original = JORG
All versions except for the first release = Standard
International = Int
Both Japanese versions = Jp
English NTSC = EngNTSC
English PAL = EngPAL
PC Version = PC
All English versions = Eng
All PS versions = PSX

All right, everyone, let's mosey!


Like all PlayStation games, FFVII starts with the PS logo independent of version. The only difference retained are the one or two subtitles shown, such as the American subtitle saying "Sony Computer Entertainment America" and the European subtitle saying "Sony Computer Entertainment Europe".
I do not know what, if anything, the Japanese subtitle is as I've never seen a non-emulated version of the Japanese PS intro.

Jp: The Squaresoft logo appears immediately with both Japanese versions.
The save files here display your party leader's Level, HP, Max HP, MP and Max MP. All other versions display only the character's Level.
Int: Wait for the Square team credits to finish and be treated to the FFVII logo, like in all versions, although this time with the "International" subtitle added to the logo.
This is the only time in-game that the subtitle of the logo is seen. No, it has not even been added to the intro FMV.

English NTSC: The message "Sony Computer Entertainment America"
appears before the Squaresoft logo. It's unskippable and lasts for 12 seconds.
English PAL: First an unskippable Piracy Disclaimer appears which lasts for 12 seconds.
Then follows the "Sony Computer Entertainment Europe" text which
cannot be skipped and lasts for 14 seconds. After this
the Squaresoft logo appears.
Needless to say, the PAL version of FFVII takes the longest to start up with its extra 26 seconds.
PC: Not counting the installation process, you are immediately shown the Eidos logo upon starting the game. Press a key and the logo will fade away quicker. This version thus takes the least time to start up with the Japanese versions in second place.
If you wait for the Eidos logo to go away, you'll be treated to an FMV of Chocobos running in front of the Squaresoft logo.

PSX: 2 save slots available, with 15 potential save spots each. Memory cards required.
PC: 10 save slots with 15 save spots each are available from the get-go. When you load a save slot the pointer will be on the save spot you last saved on, rather than always the top file.

PSX: You can soft reset by pressing R1+R2+L1+L2+Select+Start.
This leads you back to the Squaresoft logo.
PC: Due to keyboards not allowing you to press enough keys at once you can not perform a soft reset with the above method. If a soft reset would be possible with a special type of keyboard I do not know.
Losing a battle will still yield a soft reset though and leads you back to the Squaresoft logo FMV.


Chocobuckle, the Enemy Skill
JORG: Damage formula is "Number of escapes times Caster Level = Damage".
Standard: Damage formula is "Number of escapes = Damage".

Choco/Mog & Typoon
JORG: The Choco/Mog and Typoon(/Typhon) Materia are not assigned the Wind element or any other element for that matter. This means that in the JORG there is no way to couple any Materia with Elemental in order to achieve Wind elemental effects.
Standard: Choco/Mog and Typoon now both have the Wind element attached to them.

W-Item, Duplication Trick
Standard: Items can be duplicated using the W-Item by continuously selecting and de-selecting the second chosen item during battle.
Interestingly enough this glitch is non-existant in the JORG.

Underwater Materia
JORG: A beta-version of the Underwater materia exists
inside the game. It is somewhat glitchy; the info box takes on the stats of whatever Materia the cursor was last on, unless that Materia was of an Independent type. When on an Independent type, the Earned AP value is set to 0 but the Materia retains the copied info from the previously selected Materia type.
The name of the Materia, SUICHUU KOKYUU translates 'Underwater Breath' or 'Underwater Respiration'.
Standard: Underwater materia has been added to stop the timer during the Emerald Weapon battle. The glitches from JORG are gone.

The Disabled Materia, Japanese-exclusive names
JORG: Holds 6 disabled Materia, one of these is the above mentioned Underwater-beta.
Standard: Only 5 disabled Materia available as Underwater has become a finished Materia. These Materia lack names in the English versions however. The Japanese names are:
BUUSUTAA (Booster)
MABARIA (MaBarrier)
RIFUEKU (Reflect)

Source & more detailed info:


- 'Pause' text box has been added to indicate that you have, indeed, paused.
- Pressing R2 now reveals a 'Target' notation for each enemy on the battle field not yet defeated.
- The Items sub-menu in battle consists of two columns.
- When a character is subject to a status infliction this is indicated in the battle menu by the character's max HP being replaced with the japanese signs for that status effect.
- The Items sub-menu in battle consists of only one column.

Debug Battle Backgrounds
JORG: Fights take place in a battle arena with the Shinra Logo on the ground.
Standard: You fight in a black space. The JORG battle arena/background has been removed.


The Weapons
- The fight with Diamond Weapon has been added.
You can now steal Yuffie's weapon Rising Sun from it; a weapon that already existed within JORG's game files but was unobtainable.
- Emerald Weapon has been added. Defeating it rewards you with the new item 'Earth Harp'.
- Ruby Weapon has been added. Defeating it rewards you with the new item 'Desert Harp'.

Safer Sephiroth
Starts battle by casting Slow on all party members.
His attack, Supernova, is about 20 seconds long.
Casts Wall on himself immediately when battle starts.
No longer has Slow in his magic arsenal.
Supernova has received a substantial make-over and now lasts for 2 minutes (2 min 22 sec in PAL due to slower gameplay).

The 'Test 0 Battle'
JORG: A battle which should only exist in the debug mode is possible to trigger normally in the Corel Prison well.
The chance for this encounter is fairly low. You fight four enemies which perform no other action than to respond with dialogue to your attacks.
Monster: It huuurts~
Monster: I said I was sorry, cut it out already!
Monster: Ooo~, you're hurting me~

Defeating these enemies grants a decent amount of EXP, AP, and especially Gil, as a reward.
Battle was removed from the main game in all later versions.

Debug Room Battles
JORG: Monster models from the main game used. The debug room
battle arena had the Shinra Logo on the ground.
Standard: Monster models replaced with Pyramids which did not exist in JORG. Battle spoils differ somewhat.
The battle background is completely black.

JORG: There is a 'Neverending Test Battle' where copies of the defeated enemies continuously respawn.
Standard: The equivalent debug battle will freeze once the enemies have been defeated.

Brain Pod: Shinra HQ enemy.
JORG: Can cause Berserk and Confuse. Highly crippling status inflictions at this point in the game.
Standard: Confuse removed from its status infliction repertoire.
It never causes Berserk although I'm not sure if it still exists within the enemy data.
Brain Pod can now cause Sleep.

Ghost Ship
JORG: Does not morph into anything.
Standard: Morphs into the new 'Guide Book' item that is involved in getting the now completed 'Underwater' materia.

Magic Pot
JORG: Calls for Elixirs but you have no need to give it any as you can just kill it straight away.
Standard: Magic Pot is now immune to all attacks until you've given it one Elixir.

JORG: A glitch often prevents the Mover from fading away upon defeat. It will still count as a kill and you will receive battle spoils for it. Defeating all three Movers at the same time usually results in two Movers staying on the battle field while defeating one at a time increases odds of all their death animations being triggered.
Standard: Glitch has been corrected so their death animations are now always triggered.

JORG: In the Sector 8 Square, right after the bombing of Mako Reactor #1, it is possible to enter random battles with 1x or 2x Guard Hounds.
Random encounters also happen at the Base of Gaea's Cliff right outside of Holzoff's Cabin. The enemies encountered here are your standard Great Glacier enemies.
Standard: No random battles at either of these locations. The Guard Hounds in Sector 8 still exist within the game though.


Cait Sith's Level 3 Limit Breaks
Defeat 1000 enemies using Cait Sith and he will learn two "incomplete" Level 3 Limit Breaks at once.
The battle spoils and Limit Menu indicate that only 1 nameless attack has been learned. The limit lacks description in the menu.
The limit gauge builds extremely slowly. With max HP at 9999, and no Fury or Sadness on Cait Sith, the least amount of damage required is 318387 HP. Though because of some round-ups the game does my attempt required 360,000 HP to be lost.

As soon as you click the Limit command in battle all 2D-animations are replaced with pink, the same color as the Limit Break command boxes.
This graphical glitch remains for the entire battle but fortunately is gone once a new battle starts.

The first limit break:
- Lacks description
- Targets all enemies
- The Limit Break surge animation is used, albeit in the corrupt "pink" form, only when you lack enough MP.
- The attack requires somewhere between 10000-65535 MP to be used. Trying to use the attack with insufficient MP will yield the "Not enough MP!" message.
- Because the attack is never used the Limit Gauge is not depleted and you can initiate the limit break an indefinite number of times.
- You can successfully use the attack by either using Mime, which ignores MP, or using a cheat code to increase your MP.
Cait Sith performs no action and none of the enemies or party members can perform any actions because it is waiting for a battle animation from Cait Sith that doesn't exist. The 'limit surge' animation is not used when the attack is successful.
It is not even possible to escape from the battle. The game is essentially frozen.

The second limit break:
- Press Up to see this one. Its position in the limit break command box is thus different from any other Limit Break in the game.
- This limit has a description. It translates to "Attack 1 Enemy".
- Targets all enemies and party members.
- No 'limit surge' animation.
- Upon use a repeating "System Error" message appears.
The english equivalent message would be:
"Data Error Scene:84/Code:32
Press L1+R1+Select for Reset."
It is impossible to perform any action at this point. The game is frozen.

If you turn a save with Cait Sith's third limit break in it into an International file, all effects are the same. Nothing changes.

Trivia: All versions contain data for how Cait Sith's limit gauge would fill up on Limit Level 3 AND 4.
See Terence Fergusson's Party Mechanics guide, search "3.2".

Silence the Slots/Reels
JORG: If Tifa's or Cait Sith's slot-based limit breaks are rolling while the last enemy is defeated then the sound of the rolling reels keeps on playing during the fanfare and ends when the battle spoils screen appears.
Standard: The reels are silenced when the fanfare starts.

Lv1 Yuffie
JORG: A Lv1 Yuffie can be acquired via a glitch.
Soft reset the game (R1+R2+L1+L2+Select+Start) when the Reactor #1 bomb is counting down, load a save on the World Map and start a battle.
A counter will be displayed on the top left corner saying 00:00.
The battle immediately fades out and ends just like it would if you fail the Bombing Mission. This glitch only activates if the save you load is on the World Map. As soon as you enter a new location the glitch will cease.
Enter the Yuffie battle when this glitch is active, make her join your party and voila you have a Lv1 Yuffie.
Standard: The glitch has been removed, though for the interested you can still turn the JORG save with the Lv1 Yuffie into an International save.

Naming Characters & Chocobos
Jp: You are limited to 6 spaces.
Eng: You are limited to 9 spaces.


Disc 2 FMV 'Highwind escapes from the Northern Crater'
JORG: FMV is only about 30 seconds long with emphasis on the expanding pillar of light, the crumbling of the crater floor and a lone lego-CG Tifa standing on the Highwind deck.
Standard: FMV is about 70 seconds long and now includes the emergence of the 5 Weapons. A 'boom' sound is added to the erupting pillar of light. Barret, Tifa, Cait Sith and Cid can be seen on the Highwind deck in their more realistic CG selves. Tifa falls unconscious in this scene.
Jp: Sephiroth's ominous theme 'Those Chosen By The Planet' plays during both Japanese versions of this FMV, as the theme is not cancelled during the transition from the previous FMV to this one.
Eng: 'Those Chosen By The Planet' is not played as it cancels immediately after the previous FMV.

Link to original FMV:
Link to standard FMV:

The 500 Years Later FMV
-One might think that the "500 Years Later" text is written in Japanese in the Jp versions. However it is not entirely so. We see the same text as in the English version, but in the Jp version the Japanese translation is seen as a subtitle to the standard timeline message.

Disc FMV Mechanics
The only thing that separates each game disc are the different FMVs they contain. Some FMVs are exclusive to one disc, others exist across all three.
If you are playing the PSX version and trigger an FMV when the wrong disc is playing then the game will pick an FMV that exists in the same corresponding location on that disc. However the PC version detects FMVs by file name and not by physical location on the disc so if you play with the wrong disc here you will get an error.

Disc Swap Trick
-Start up the game with disc 2 or 3, select New Game and immediately switch to disc 1. What will happen?
JORG: The second half of Aeris' death FMV will play.
Standard: No FMV will play.

-If you do the opposite and switch to disc 1 immediately after selecting New Game, different FMVs will play.
JORG: The second half of the FMV with the Water Projection in the Forgotten City plays.
Standard: The second half of the FMV with the Sister Ray mako shot flying across the Midgar landscape plays.

In all the above instances the game then continues as normal except that it takes some time for the theme "Opening - Bombing Mission" to start playing.

Total Number of FMVs
PSX: 97.
PC: 105. Two of these FMVs are logos; the Eidos logo and the Squaresoft logo. The latter shows a pack of Chocobos running in front of the logo.
The remaining six are sequences that, in the PSX versions, were played
by the console in a different non-video format. The PC porters had trouble
with these specific scenes so they decided to just make them into
streamed video. These scenes are:
- last4_2.avi - Inside the planet, background animation loop 1.
- last4_3.avi - Inside the planet, background animation loop 2.
- lastmap.avi - Sephiroth with Holy, background animation loop.
- Explode.avi - FFVII logo at credit screen.
- white2.avi - Water Screen at Forgotten City, animation loop.
- fship2.avi - Highwind view.


-Rising Sun.
JORG: Existant within the game's files but unobtainable via normal means.
Standard: Possible to steal from Diamond Weapon.

-Guide Book, Earth Harp, Desert Rose
Standard: The above items were added. Beta versions of these items probably existed in JORG. Will update whenever I learn more about these beta items.


Jp: Two columns for item list.
Eng: One column.

Materia Menu
Note: All versions arrange the Materia types in the following order from top to bottom; Magic, Support, Command, Independent and Summon.

- The Arrange option reads which Materia type was last placed in the Materia List, and places it in the empty spot closest to the top of that Materia type. The second last Materia to be put in the list is ordered in the spot second closest to the top, and so on.
With no empty spots the Materia is placed at the bottom of that group.
In other words, it's a #%!") mess!
- There is no way to immediately switch Materia between characters.
- The Arrange option is now fixed and each Materia has a determined spot in relation to all other Materia.
- 'Exchange' has been added and you can now switch Materia between characters, including the ones not presently in your party.

Jp: Elemental and Status effects are summarized on one page. Possibly due to the smaller space the kanji occupies.
Eng: One page for Elemental effects and one page for Status effects.

- The available Sound configurations are Mono or Stereo.
- Mono or Stereo option has been replaced with the option to adjust volume of background music and FX sound.
- Button customization has been adapted for the Keypad (naturally).

PC: "Quit" option added below the Save option.


Hidden Maps of the Japanese Original
-Three backgrounds exist only in this version.
These are all beta versions of the Honey Bee Inn. Acccessible only via cheats. For convenience I'm linking to the site that includes translations for these maps.

- Two incomplete game files which are not typical background files can be viewed with the right software.
These are "TRAP" and "XMVTES"; the former looks like another field for the World Map and the latter looks like a butchered up version of the area where you fight Jenova Synthesis.

Changes to Backgrounds from JORG to Standard

North Corel
The Gold Saucer sign was added, along with some dirt and shadows.
Ruined North Corel.

Corel Prison
A path in the dirt now leads you to the next area. If you look closely you can see that the dirt has been drawn on top of a section of the green vehicle. The artist must have been lazy! The red race car has a darker tone also.

Mt. Nibel
A pipe that previously hid the exit for the player is now removed.

Nibel Reactor
An extremely tiny change where a shadow no longer obscures part of the cogwheel at the upper right.

Junon Cannon/Sister Ray
A section of the cannon has been removed and the horizon no longer obscures the top of the screw-like structure.

Debug Starting Map
What was previously a completely black space now includes the FFVII logo in the centre, surrounded with names from FFVII's development team.

Added Backgrounds

Standard: Seven field files were added. Three of these are straight graphical copies of old field files, four are fresh. Six of these were added for the Zack Flashback, the seventh was added for Tifa's flashback of finding Cloud at the train station.

Red & Green Arrows

Standard: Entrances and exits are now marked with red arrows while green arrows mark ladders, jumps etc. These can be switched on and off by pressing Select.
PC: The red and green arrows are smaller in comparison to the backgrounds.

The Train Graveyard

JORG: Picking up the items in the Train Graveyard does not cause Cloud to freeze on the spot. As he is free to roam the map while the 'Received Item' text box is still around an item duplication trick can be performed. With (very strict) timing, by picking up an item and exiting an area immediately after clicking away the 'Received Item' text box, you can have the item added to your inventory but still be able to pick up the item again and again. Again, the timing is very strict.
Standard: The glitch is removed and thus no item duplication can be performed.

Chocobo Farm

Standard: The upper right area of the Chocobo Farm is now an exit and it becomes the default entrance as soon as you rent a stable.
This noticably decreases the distance to the Chocobo stables.

Jumping up the shell, Forgotten City

JORG: Each thorn must be jumped by pressing the correct directional button. This means a total of 12 jumps, some that may need to be repeated as it is easy to end up pressing in the wrong direction.
Standard: Cloud automatically jumps all thorns by himself. At the top of the shell the computer maneuvers Cloud through a section of the shell that might have been confusing in JORG.


Hidden Text
The game's field files contain much hidden/unused text, although the Japanese versions contain many unused parts which were never translated for the English version.
GlitterBerri has translated these sections.

The 'Pinball' Scene
JORG: This debug scene begins with Sephiroth starting to explain how Materia is made, then follows with Barret, Tifa, Jessie, Wedge and Biggs trying to wake up an unconscious Cloud.
Link below shows what the second room appears like if the cutscene is not activated.
Standard: The game freezes after Sephiroth's last line as the section with Avalanche trying to wake up Cloud has been cut.

JORG Exclusive Debug Room
In this room Cloud is invisible. A corrupt version of Aeris's theme is playing.

Added Scenes to Standard
-Immediately following the disc 2 FMV of the Highwind's escape from the Northern Crater, two scenes follow which are absent in JORG.
These flesh out Tifa's trauma from the recent events and also show a flashback of Tifa finding Cloud in Midgar.

-A flashback of Cloud and Zack's escape from Nibelheim can now be triggered by entering the Shinra Mansion Basement Library after Cloud has rejoined your party on disc 2.

The Kalm Trader
Standard: The NPC in Kalm who asks for a Guide Book, Desert Rose and Earth Harp has been added.

Star Field
JORG: After viewing the final FMV and hearing the children laugh, the screen stays black. The end.
Standard: A star field now appears after the final FMV, with the classic Final Fantasy theme playing. This star field remains until you reset or turn off your PlayStation.

Jp Ending Credits
As one would expect the credits differ from region to region, but the Jp one starts with a neat image which says "SQUARE PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT DEPT. #1". There is no follow-up image mentioning any other numbered departments.

Corrections Made To PC Script
-Several misspellings and mistranslations that existed in the EngNTSC/EngPAL version were corrected for the PC edition. Yes, Aeris no longer says "This guy are sick."

-The names for one accessory and two summon Materia were changed.
Touph Ring -> Tough Ring
Typoon -> Typhon
Kjata -> Kujata


The Train Security Activated
JORG: When the train's ID sensor activates on your way to Mako Reactor #5, there is some non-substantial difference in the script when compared to the International version. Most notably, an additional FX sound is heard during the stages of the train's security system.
This is the same sound clip you may hear when you for example press the button to elevate the platform in Junon Airport.
Standard: The previously mentioned FX sound has been removed.

Mayor Domino, Shinra HQ Floor 62
JORG: The Mayor won't allow you to pick a password unless you've visited another screen/field after he has presented his challenge to you.
Standard: You may pick an answer immediately after the challenge is given.

Hojo's lab assistant, Shinra HQ Floor 68
JORG: The guy who gives you the Keycard 68 stays in place. There is no
'Received Key Item' text box, although there is the typical 'item received' sound played.
Standard: Shinra Employee now runs away after giving you the Keycard.
'Received Key Item' text box added.

Mt. Corel shack
Standard: On your way to North Corel, at the point when your team can't continue because a bridge is up, the game points out for you where the shack is with the switch to let down the bridge.
JORG does not include this progression hint.

Battle Square Items
Jp: One page displays all the purchasable items.
Eng: The purchasable items are divided into two pages.

Wonder Square Chocobo
The Chocobo mascot is significantly smaller in the PC version.
PSX (left) versus PC (right).


Chocobo Racing:
PC: The Stamina Bar recovery trick is no longer possible by pressing the keypad equivalent of R1 [PageUp] and R2 [Camera]. No other button configuration can make the Stamina Bar recover.

PC: Blue motorcyclists added.

Speed Square:
PSX: Calculated max possible record is 8185 points.
PC: The Zeppelin Propellor has been added as a target and can be shot on two very brief occassions. The reward can be as little as 100 points to over 25000 points. My personal record for the Propellor reward is 25680 points, seemingly netting the potential maximum at 33845 points.

Snowboarding Minigame

- The game rewards you with the wrong rank when you get 100 Points on Course B. The sign is the one for the top rating in Time Attack. Corrected for the International version.
- You can now unlock the ??? ghost, which is a running Cactuar.
- Now able to change the surface between Checked or Snow during Time Attack.
- A new rank is given for achieving 100 Points on Course C, one that means "Unattained even by freaks". The standard 100 Points ranking reads "Unattained by normal people".
- Options and general text is now in English. The only Japanese remaining are the rankings and the course signs above the start of each stage.
- The ranks AWFUL and BAD have switched places. Previously BAD was worst, now AWFUL is the worst for Balloon Mode.
- The ??? ghost is available as soon as Time Attack is unlocked.
- Each Speed Up balloon can be unlocked the normal way, getting a rating of Good or better on Time Attack for that stage, but also via a glitch. Exit and Start the minigame as soon as Time Attack is unlocked, and the Speed Up balloons will have been added to each course.

The tables for when a specific rank is given in Time Attack differs between the Jp, English NTSC, English PAL and PC. For tables and more detailed information, search 'Time Attack' in Absolute Steve's guide below.

Notably, each localization also has its own version of the "Keep Out" sign, the Course A, B and C signs, and the "Goal" sign.

Submarine Minigame

- Plays very slow. Takes 17 seconds to rotate the submarine one revolution.
- Submarine can be tilted 90 degrees up or down, facing straight up to the ceiling or straight down to the floor.
- To shoot down the Red submarines (Underwater Huge Materia Mission) 24 torpedo hits are necessary. 8 hits for the Yellow submarines.
- When completing a mission the timer doesn't stop counting down. Fixed in all later versions.

Int, EngNTSC, EngPAL:
- Only takes 4 seconds to rotate the submarine. A vast improvement!
- Submarine travels a small fraction faster.
- Submarine can now only be tilted at an angle of approximately 45 degrees up or down.
- To shoot down the Red submarines (Underwater Huge Materia Mission) only 12 torpedo hits are now necessary. 4 hits for the Yellow submarines.

- Plays extremely slow. It takes 22 seconds for the submarine to rotate one revolution.
- Submarine travels even slower than in JORG.
- Like in JORG, you can tilt the sub 90 degrees up or down, facing the ceiling or facing the floor.
- The initial perspective of the submarine is always a close-up, which is honestly a handicap for gameplay and so you need to move the camera away from the submarine every time.
- Graphics suffer and when engaging in Top View you can not see the entirety of the map, but only the area closest to you.
- Like in JORG, once you complete a mission the timer keeps counting down.
Did I mention this version of the minigame sucks?


Music Format
PSX: Audio tracks are saved in an MP3 format.
PC: In order to save disc space, the audio was downgraded to Midi format.
Noticable decrease in sound quality.

Music Timing

PAL: The FX audio can at times be off especially during longer animations such as the Bahamut Zero or Knights of Round summon. The sound of a blast, slash etc may come close to one second before it actually happens on screen. Yes, PAL sucks.

Jp: Sephiroth's theme 'Those Chosen By The Planet' plays during the disc 2 FMV of the Highwind escaping from the Northern Crater.
Eng: The theme is not played.

PC: After Cloud and Aeris retreat to the back of the church and the scene changes to Reno and the Shinra soldiers, the Turk's Theme stops playing until you gain control of Cloud again and the theme restarts.
It is possible though that this moment of the theme being cut off is due to some technical difficulty with my PC version.

Aeris's Corrupt JORG Theme
The previously mentioned Debug Room, exclusive to JORG, plays a rather unpleasant version of Aeris's theme. Whatever this theme might mean is a mystery.


The Clock Room Puzzle, Ancient Temple

This puzzle was much more complicated in JORG.
Instead of controlling time yourself you "left it up to the guard" and had to figure out which commands represented how many steps* in "time".
*(Let's define 1/12th of a revolution for the long pointer as 1 step)
The script from this version of the puzzle exists in translated form as unused text in the English version:

[TRIANGLE]Button: Leave it up to the Guard
[CIRCLE]Button: Spin
[CROSS]Button: Proceed now!

(Time Guardian)
“Ye that seek knowledge, what is it you wish?”
Speed up time
Go back in time
“How fast would you have time moved?”
Just a bit (1 step forward or 2 steps back)
A little more (7 steps forward or 10 steps back)
Plenty (17 steps forward or 20 steps backward)

Body Temperature

Maintaining your body temperature when climbing Gaea's Cliff required considerably more button mashing in JORG. Much easier in standard version.

Shinra Mansion piano, the broken keys

Standard: When pressing the broken keys there is now a white flash; something that was not present in JORG.
Jp: So (L1/R1 + Square) and La (L1/R1 + Cross) are broken.
Eng: Ti (L1/R1 + Triangle) and Re (Square) are broken.

Why are different piano keys broken? I have no idea!

Color of parked vehicles on World Map
Buggy = Green
Tiny Bronco = Turqoise
Highwind = White
Chocobo = Yellow
Submarine = Indigo
All vehicles are presented as white dots.


BrutalAl - For automizing the process of comparing the field files between JORG and EngNTSC and for hinting me to differences in JORG that might otherwise have gone unseen.
Youtube Account:
GarlandTheGreat - For showing the Test 0 Battle, how-to-acquire a Lv1 Yuffie, and many other great videos.
Youtube Account:
GlitterBerri - Key contributor in translating various parts of Japanese FFVII. Credit to her also for pointing out the many grammar mistakes in the first version of this document.
DLPB - For listing the FMVs and pointing out the differences in performance between PSX and PC.
Project website:
The people of the Qhimm forums - For always discovering new things about FFVII.

Disclaimer: This guide is a work in progress and will receive updates as knowledge accumulates.

Shademp 11/30/2010 09:38 PM


- Grammar mistakes corrected.
- Embedded a few snapshots to (hopefully) make document easier to read.
- Tidied up the introduction and the info on the Disabled Materia.

ForceStealer 11/30/2010 09:43 PM

I just skimmed it as I'm about to head home from work, I get a more substantial post up later, but the tiny chocobo mascot in the PC Gold Saucer is...puzzling. Why would that have happened?

Tifaeria 11/30/2010 10:05 PM

Wow, that looks really nice Shademp. Great work!

DLPB 11/30/2010 10:34 PM

There are actually 4 more (so far in my work) PC FMV's, which are loop animations. The playstation plays them without the need for video.

last4_2.avi - Inside the planet, background animation loop 1 [Only in PC game. Updated.]

last4_3.avi - Inside the planet, background animation loop 2 [Only in PC game. Updated.]

lastmap.avi - Sephiroth with Holy, background animation loop [Only in PC game. Updated.]

Explode.avi - FFVII logo at credit screen. [Appears only in PC version. Updated anyway. ]

When I have finished disc 2, I think 1 more may be added to this list. I will keep you posted.


also, in the Japanese game, Chocobo names at the races, are created at runtime. See here (you may find out other things)

X-SOLDIER 11/30/2010 11:13 PM

Very nicely done!

I've got a question, though.

At the beginning of the game on the first screen where you can move when you jump off the train, there's the two downed guards. Typically you can obtain a potion from each guard. In the English version, you can get both potions from the first guard if you get the timing just right when the message displays. Is this glitch present in the JpOrg version?

X :neo:

Shademp 11/30/2010 11:29 PM


Originally Posted by X-SOLDIER (Post 278835)
At the beginning of the game on the first screen where you can move when you jump off the train, there's the two downed guards. Typically you can obtain a potion from each guard. In the English version, you can get both potions from the first guard if you get the timing just right when the message displays. Is this glitch present in the JpOrg version?
X :neo:

Yes, the glitch is present in all versions (even the PC one). There is no real timing involved, from my experience. You can take all the time you need to pick up the second Potion from the first or second guard.

DLPB 11/30/2010 11:41 PM

Yup, no timing from my experience either. Also, in FF7 PAL there is a bug with the main timer because the frame rate is 50 times a second instead of NTSC's 60.

So, as a consequence, 1 minute in FF7 PAL is actually around 1 min 12 seconds in real life:

60/50 = 1.2

60 seconds = 60*1.2 = 72 seconds

I cannot be certain, but the exact time of NTSC being 29.97*2, it may actually be:

59.94/50 = 1.1988. 1.1988*60 = 71.928 real seconds to a FF7 minute in PAL. That might not actually work but for sure 1 min 12 seconds or almost that is correct.

Not many people know that. The bug is similar in Breath of Fire 3, and in FF8 every 50 seconds the timer adds on 1 minute for PAL users. (because every 50 fields is 1 second in PAL).

FF9 onwards seem to have corrected this bug.

X-SOLDIER 12/01/2010 12:04 AM

It's an odd glitch, I've always wondered why it happens, and it's interesting to see the theories!

Either way, glad to know it's universal though. Thanks guys!! :D

X :neo:

DLPB 12/01/2010 12:14 AM

It is also a bitch with Tekken Tag, the PAL users get shafted because the game runs 50fps and not 60. I cannot be sure if they changed the speed to match, but even if they did, a PAL Tekken Tag is actually less involved because timing is critical.

If you have 60 frames in which to push button X to kick, and let's say player A pushes X at 57th frame and Player B pushes it at 56th. Player B wins and his move will connect faster meaning his kick wins.

In PAL on other hand, there are only 50 frames to represent that time interval, so the game may actually see that they both attacked at 49th frame, making it a tie.

In other words, NTSC is much better for time intensive games, and the more frame rate you have the more accurately you can judge who the best player is. I know this, because I am programming pong (with a kind of battle mode) at the moment and ran into the issue so cranked up the fps, smoother and better ;)

Given human reflexes, there will be a FPS where this problem is almost non existent. Thankyou for joining today's programming class!

Pixel 12/01/2010 12:16 AM

i actually notice earlier when playing the ntsc version, at the beginning when cloud jumps off the train, theres a cue in the music when he hits the ground and lifts his head. In the pal version the cue is when Barret waves his arm. Both are cued perfectly. I wonder if that was a coincidence or if they changed the timing in the pal version to fit:huh:

DLPB 12/01/2010 12:19 AM


Originally Posted by Pixel (Post 278845)
i actually notice earlier when playing the ntsc version, at the beginning when cloud jumps off the train, theres a cue in the music when he hits the ground and lifts his head. In the pal version the cue is when Barret waves his arm. Both are cued perfectly. I wonder if that was a coincidence or if they changed the timing in the pal version to fit:huh:

If the game does indeed PLAY slower (and not just display a time that is slower) they would have had to correct that. But, if the program takes into account the frame rate in its calculations, the game will still PLAY the same speed.

It could well be the case that the games play the same speed even if the timer does not. It also gets more complicated...

because the music could actually play slower as well. (remember sonic 1?) . Mind you, I don't see any difference in music speed so it is either

a. They corrected it or
B. the game is still playing the same speed based on frame calculations.

Given the speed of the music I would definitely say B is correct. They just forgot to update the time display formula which doesn't change anything. If they forgot the palette swap timing or another critical calculation formula... it would be very bad.

The game was probably programmed like this:

X:= pixelstoMove/framerate

Where framerate is defined once (60 for NTSC), and pixeltomove is the pixels the object will move in 1 second. X is the pixels moved at each frame.

X:= 10/60 will move the object 0.167 pixels in each loop. And after 60 loops (1 second), the object will have moved 10 pixels in ONE SECOND.

Changing 60 to 50 does not alter this because every 50 frames in PAL is STILL a second. What sonic the hedgehog probably did with PAL was keep the framerate variable set at 60 and thus on a PAL machine, it calculated it wrong.

Shademp 12/02/2010 05:46 PM

I was recently enlightened of a New Game glitch. If you click New Game with disc 1 in, then switch to disc 2 the game will play a cut version of an FMV from that disc. Immediately after the game will start with AVALANCHE busting out of the train. For about a minute no theme will be playing, until 'Bombing Mission' starts.

Which FMVs are played?
JpOrg: The second half of the sequence in the Forgotten City where the waterfall replays Holy falling down the altar and into the water.
Int, EngNTSC, EngPAL: The second half of the sequence with the Sister Ray shot traversing the Midgar area (FMV prior to the one with Diamond Weapon being shot).

I don't know any technical aspects of this glitch; it appears weird to me that anyone would try to switch discs right AFTER pressing New Game. My point being that I can't say for sure that the triggered FMV was changed so to not accidentally spoil Aeris's death.
I don't know how difficult it would be on a physical console, but on the emulator it required timing or else the message "Switch to Disc 1" would appear.

DLPB, do you have any way of testing this disc-swap trick on the PC version? If so, which FMV will be playing?

DLPB 12/02/2010 06:11 PM

It can be done, but with the PC version it is highly unlikely that it will work, not least because the PC game isn't an exact copy of the PSX, and PSX works very differently. The PSX does not work by file names, it works by physical location on the discs. That's why it still plays an FMV of disc 2, because the FMV data is in the same area on the discs.

PC will ask for a specific FMV and get an error, whereas PSX asks for a specific sector and gets a result.

Shademp 12/02/2010 06:15 PM

I also tested now to start with disc 2 and switch to disc 1 on JpOrg (now changed to JORG), and the FMV that played was the one with Aeris being lowered into the water.
There is no FMV in the other PSX versions when doing this trick.

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