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SeekingTheTruth 10/18/2015 07:28 AM

Jen, The Sarah Saga, And Where She Went
In my fandom just recently I ran into one heck of a crazy woman. Criminal, con artist, all around crazy. Just crazy.

Recently my boyfriend was messing around online and found some weird story about a girl named Jen in the FF7 fandom. He says it's a "pretty famous story" and I was like okay whatever. He told me it sounds like the woman I got involved with last year just in a different fandom (and years ago)

This woman is in the Hannibal fandom. She believes herself to actually be a character from Hannibal. The similarities between her and this Jen girl are insane. She runs a website called Tattle-Crime dot com I just call her TC for short cause I don't really know her real name and I'm not going to call her the name of a fictional character that she believes she is.

Similarities between Jen and TC are Numerous:

TC doesnít leave her house unless people drive her around
She has money but no one knows where she got it from
Claims that her father is famous but she canít say who he is
Hates her family (especially her father) says they are abusive
Claims she was bullied in school
Super obsessed with perfume (Jen reportedly didnít bathe but wore a lot of perfume)
Has a lot of costumes and when she wears them she IS that person (TC is similar)
Is overly obsessed with FtM people and seems to be surrounded by an uncanny number of them
Has a website that features artists from her fandom
Insists she hears peopleís voice over skype she canít trust them otherwise
Tries to convince people things are wrong with them that arenít
Heavily into Wicca/Paganism
TC is obsessed with Sailor Moon and a few other Anime things (Total weeb)
TC also has a weird thing for dragons and other mythical creatures is heavily into Christian mythology
TC invites people over but wonít go to anyone elseís house to meet, is incredibly paranoid thinks people are after her

If these people arenít the same people then they certainly are related.

The summary of what I experienced sounds incredibly similar to what this person went through. I was wondering if anyone has any information on Jen or where she might have gone? I also realize that bringing up this whole thing might get me banned or something but I'm desperate here.


Once I got Jen's full name I ran a search for her in the same city TC gets her mail. Me and TC used to mail each other stuff and I have a P.O Box address for her. I searched for this Jen woman and there is a woman who lives 40 minutes from that P.O Box address with the same name, around the same age, and looks similar to how she looks in the one pic that person put up. I also remember TC complaining a lot about having to drive a ton just to go anywhere and when one of her cult members went to visit her she spent a TON on gas driving this woman around because this woman lives in the suburbs nowhere close to a city. If Jen isn't this Tattle-Crime woman it's an insane coincidence but one of my friends is up there, with this woman so I want to figure this out so I can see how to proceed next. Thanks.

Full story about Tattle-Crime (if you want to compare notes/stories/evidence) is tattlecrime dot org and the most important thing for anyone to read is how she transformed a woman into a man. It can be found on that site under "Evidence" if anyone knows about Jen or where she went that would be great. Thanks.

LicoriceAllsorts 10/18/2015 08:39 AM

Vice published an article about "Jen" just a few months ago:

If you contact them with your information they might be able to help.

Ryushikaze 10/18/2015 07:56 PM


Originally Posted by LicoriceAllsorts (Post 663699)
Vice published an article about "Jen" just a few months ago:

If you contact them with your information they might be able to help.

For some reason, the repeated use of "Aerys" just bugged me.

Lex 10/19/2015 01:40 AM

That story is fucking unbelievable. I honestly had no idea people like this could actually exist in real life.

Super Mario 10/19/2015 03:17 AM

I've seen madness, but this is some kind of madness even I don't want to tread on.

In the legendary words of Mike:

YouTube Video

Jesus hot sauce christmas cake, this is fucking unbelievable.

SirVival 10/22/2015 07:05 AM

You don't mess with a guys Adidas's, bitches!

LicoriceAllsorts 10/22/2015 03:15 PM

I hope we get a follow-up post explaining what happened next with TC aka Jen maybe.

SeekingTheTruth 12/02/2015 01:51 AM

So can I post an update here or not? Why do I keep getting a note that I need to be moderated but nothing ever shows up?

SeekingTheTruth 12/02/2015 02:10 AM

Why is it every time I try to type a long update it deletes? What is going on here?

SeekingTheTruth 12/02/2015 02:11 AM

Okay finally it let me do something here's an update:

I put up a long post and a youtube video about TC and two of her blogs instantly went silent and stopped updating, like nearly to the day that I made the statement I believed her to be Jen.

After that she's only updated her actual site maybe three times and all of those times were to ask for money, basically selling shoddy merchandise that she gives away for free a lot to her friends if they ask. Considering what she's charging and how much she claims to have sold she will profit about 2grand this month for selling a "package" of 6 recipe cards, one holiday card, and a sheet of 8 stickers designed by her ONE artist who was dumb enough to stick around. Lauren. The money won't go to Lauren.

I tested her donate button to see if I could send Lauren money, felt bad for her cause she was begging basically everyone she knew for it. At that point I offered to buy some of her art. TC told her that it was a "Trick" and she was not allowed to take my money. Also she's "unhappy" with what I said about her on my site cause it was "mean" I guess so mean to tell the truth even if I'm offering her 200 dollars that she keeps begging for a commission. I'm just saying what I know is true and what TC has begun to mass delete and hide because she also knows it's true. Posts that existed on her blogs before no longer exist making it harder and harder for me to get any sort of proof.

So I go to the donate button on her website. She claims all the money goes to supporting the site and the ARTISTS (even though there is only one) who do art for the site. Her site is hosted through Wordpress so at most she's paying like 99 dollars a year. She also don't update or maintain it herself, mostly it's one of her concubine roommates that does it. For example I know for a while her boyfriend was running her Twitter account. He also got my twitter locked for ONE tweet I made explaining the truth behind a picture she posted and lied about (apparently telling the truth is harassment even though she knows I was there when the picture was taken so she knows that she's lying and I'm not whatever)

I also found out that she has 9 staff members listed but only 4 actual staff. What I mean is that her staff each have multiple accounts but they don't tell anyone that they are different people. Her one boyfriend at some point was running 4 of these accounts and no one knew they were different people. Her boyfriend (before Lauren and actually a woman) believed himself to be Hannibal Lecter and a male version of Abigail Hobbs as well as some made up character named LOIS who the creator (Bryan Fuller) later went on to use in the show, not the character the name, because TC asked him to name Freddie's gun Lois.

The creator (Bryan Fuller) the production company (DLC) one of the effects people (Janice Poon) and another woman (Loretta Ramos) all promote TC. All of them. She just ran a contest on her twitter which they ALL retweeted. They also ALL retweeted her "Pay me 45 dollars for this crap merch" holiday package which she claims to be nearly sold out of now. She does this about once a month and even adjusted for her initial investment to print these items she's making thousands because the official companies are promoting her.

SeekingTheTruth 12/02/2015 02:12 AM

I entered her contest the other night, not because I expected to win but because I wanted to monitor the winners. There would be three, each would win season 3 DVDs and a signed script from the cast. Surprise surprise, two of her BFFs won. In fact one of them has already won a signed script and seems to win EVERY contest despite her claiming she "chooses winners at random" when I pointed this out via twitter, the production company blocked me as well as the winner and Fuller. None of them will address anything even when confronted of direct evidence of TC's behavior. She's managed to create some bubble around her where the production company protects her and believes I'm the problem.

I also ferreted out a scam she helped another girl run on the production company to get free merchandise from the show. TC promoted a very VERY fake story about an injured girl in the hospital (which is seriously very fake if you look at it) but because she was friends with TC, DLC, and the other producers BEFORE that scam was run it was easy to do. DLC is well known in the fandom for being shady and taking bribes. TC reported having bribed him to get his attention and she regularly sends very expensive gifts to the cast and crew through DLC because she knows DLC can get them to the crew with her name on them.

I also found a video from season 1 with TC behaving literally insane. Fuller is laughing at her, the crowd of people are groaning around her and embarressed for her and no one is taking her seriously, yet some how she got from that point of being made fun of to being regularly promoted by the crew.

One of the biggest issues in this is that some how (and no one knows how) she has gotten the production team to protect her. She has gotten some of the cast to constantly dote on her. The more she is kept in her little bubble where they treat her like Freddie the worse her delusions get.

SeekingTheTruth 12/02/2015 02:13 AM

In the past few months I have been contacted by a handful of her former staff who were all in her chat groups and she attempted scam and in some cases did. I found out how many people visited her and left. Talked to many people who were assigned "characters" and turned away. This woman couldn't be more nutty or sound more like Jen.

The last thing I know is that after I tried to donate money to Lauren with a note that said "This money is for Lauren and no one else, for her hard work" the transaction was cancelled and the paypal button was removed from the website completely. Oh I also found out that TattleCrime was originally a blog on LJ. The earliest existence of TattleCrime is on Livejournal. Seriously check it out yourself. March 2013 a month after the show started. Jen originally was on Livejournal. TC must have left there when she realized how dead it was and went to tumblr, the only place they seem to have been promoting the show (and where most of the fandom hangs out). Her original blogs before she conned artists into doing work for her look like crap. It's very clear she has no idea how to do HTML and has no actual artistic abilities herself. It wasn't until mid season 2 that she was able to con enough people to retool her site and make it look professional.

Anyway this post is getting long and seeing as how everywhere I post it gets ignored I hadn't gotten a chance to check back here. If you want to ask questions I will answer them and promise to be more attentive in the future. Oh and I did contact, waiting for an answer. Thanks for that.

Apparently I had to do this in three parts cause it was so long sorry about that? I don't know anyway there's the update since people asked.

Tennyo 12/02/2015 02:26 AM

New members need to reach a certain number of posts in order to have full forum rights. This is what helps to weed out the bots. :)

SeekingTheTruth 12/02/2015 09:49 AM

Oh sorry, I just saw people wanted an update or claimed to so I was like really confused as to why nothing was working. Thank you kind person :)

vaderSW1 12/02/2015 01:37 PM

I find these stories incredibly intriguing. I never knew The Sarah Saga or the FF VII house stories until you posted this thread. They certainly both serve as a cautionary tale as to who you can trust. It's really too bad that the writer of The Sarah Saga got basically ran off and didn't get to finish telling what happened and how they got rid of her finally.

Interestingly, I had an experience with an individual that was very much like Sarah/Cetra/Jen. For the purposes of this I'll rename this individual "John". When I was a junior in high school, I met "John". He was a sophomore and we both shared a love for all things geek. I had really become friends with him because he was into Star Wars and Final Fantasy III (VI). He was big into doing what he referred to as "live action role playing" and finally convinced me to start playing with him and his friends. At first, I found it to be incredibly fun. We all became fast friends. At one point, I doubt you could have separated us. "John" was the DM/GM at all times. He had a terrific visual imagination. With his descriptions it was like being wrapped up in a good book, he took you to the places he was describing.

Things were good for awhile. We played almost daily for a couple of months. Then Final Fantasy VII came out. "John" and I were very excited about it. He disappeared for awhile to play through the game. When he completed it and re-emerged to join the rest of our friends, something was different about him. Something in his personality had changed. We all saw it. He was very moody. There was something dark in his eyes. One of the NPC characters he used when we roleplayed was a character named Quake. He began referring to himself as Quake. He tried to convince us that his true form was that of a komodo dragon. When some of us laughed him off, he snapped and threatened us.

The group started to drift away from him and each other after that. He tried to bring us all back together and when we would refuse he would become irrationally pissed. One particular time, my brother and I were playing basketball in our driveway. "John" lived right down the street from us and saw us playing outside so he walked over. He began a friendly conversation at first and invited himself to play basketball with us. Soon, he began holding the ball for long periods of time and tried to convince us to roleplay with him. When my brother and I took the ball from him and told him we didn't want to, he became enraged and marched into our garage. He grabbed a broom and swung it as hard as he could at my brother. My brother ducked in time and the broom ended up hitting the basketball goal pole. The pole had a huge dent in it and the broom stick shattered. Suffice to say, my parents overheard the commotion and ended up sending "John" home.

I decided that I just wasn't going to have anything to do with him at all after that. 2 nights later he shows up on our doorstep with a gym bag packed full of stuff. He explained to my parents that his parents had thrown him out of the house and that he had nowhere else to go. My parents called the police and invited "John" in while they got the matter settled. "John" told my parents that his stepdad was abusive and hated him and ended up pulling a gun on him. As it turns out, that's not what happened at all. "John" pulled a gun on his little brother and threatened to kill him because he claimed his stepdad loved the little brother more AND because his parents refused to believe he was a komodo dragon.

The police came and took "John" that night. We never saw him again after that. I often wonder what became of him. I wonder if he got psychiatric help or if he grew out of whatever phase he was in. I wonder if he continued with his psychosis. I've never actually tried to locate the guy because I don't really want to associate with him. I just am curious what happened to him.

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