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Joe 05/03/2010 05:37 PM


Originally Posted by Dalik (Post 226286)
What up guys? Are there any RPs I could possibly join atm? 'Cause I haven't RPed in months and I've been dying to jump back in.

Bring your old Destrillian's character over Steve.

Dalik 05/03/2010 05:39 PM

I might. I'd have to read through it all.

Tennyo 05/03/2010 06:14 PM

Oi Dessies is getting so full. We already have an influx of characters that still need to be fit into the story. :aah:

And so much plot that our heads are asploading. :loopy:

Joe 05/03/2010 06:17 PM

Plot that is super secret!

Tennyo 05/03/2010 06:20 PM

Yes yes yes! :awesome:

Rumpelstiltskin 05/03/2010 09:53 PM

I gave up trying to read that plot months ago

Tennyo 05/03/2010 11:01 PM

You obviously have no idea what we are doing now. :monster:

Hisako 05/04/2010 12:46 AM

Kojima would be proud, that lovable troll.

Rumpelstiltskin 05/04/2010 08:52 AM


Originally Posted by Frost Mage (Post 226367)
You obviously have no idea what we are doing now. :monster:


Rumpelstiltskin 05/08/2010 12:51 PM

So what actually happened with channy and her batshit crazeh original destrillians?

Hisako 05/08/2010 01:03 PM

We're it. :monster:

Bex 05/08/2010 01:39 PM

It's less batshit crazy and now has a plot that transcends escaping a building. :monster:

Wait no it's still crazy.

Rumpelstiltskin 05/08/2010 03:18 PM

Yeah but what happened that caused it to be reformed lol.
Details people i missed all the drama seemingly.

Hisako 05/08/2010 03:20 PM

Well to put it into perspective we didn't get very far (and as I've heard, 'again')

NoenGaruth 05/08/2010 03:38 PM

Shit happened. Channy left the forum, tried to shut down the RP and we were all 'how bout no?' and made Dessie's more awesome. That's about it.

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