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Tetsujin 01/25/2018 09:09 PM

Captain Marvel in costume on set

Ryushikaze 01/25/2018 09:14 PM

I like the cut, but I do not like the color. It makes me think of the Green Lantern movie. Granted, it could be green so they can do some interesting nifty CG stuff to her suit when she uses her powers. That'd be cool if they have her go Binary at any point.

I shall wait and see.

X-SOLDIER 01/25/2018 09:16 PM

I was surprised by the green, but it makes more sense if it was for allowing post-production effects work on the suit.

X :neo:

Tetsujin 01/25/2018 09:33 PM

I'm positive it has nothing to do with CG tbh.

X-SOLDIER 01/25/2018 09:41 PM


Originally Posted by Tetsujin (Post 775643)
I'm positive it has nothing to do with CG tbh.

What makes ya so certain? (Screenrant has a whole article of reasons)

The main concept art looked like standard comic version:

It's just surprising is all, but it does make her stand out from the general overwhelming motif of the red, black, & blue costume schemes that seemingly ALL THE OTHER heroes have.

X :neo:

Tetsujin 01/25/2018 10:12 PM

I'm no expert obviously but the way I see it is if you wanna CG over the costume it'd make more sense to keep it as close to what you want the final result to look like in terms of design and color so that the CG artists have a direct reference to how the light in the shot reflects off of the material and how the color looks in that light etc.
Spider-Man's and Black Panther's suits iirc were pretty much completely CG'd over in Civil War and I imagine it would've actually been harder to do that accurately if they wore green suits.
Also, her outfit has a lot of texture and like dirt and such on the shiny green parts which also seems like it would be counterproductive for a proper green screen effect.

I could be wrong ofc :awesomonster:

Tennyo 01/25/2018 11:36 PM

*internal fangirl screaming*

Tetsujin 01/26/2018 12:38 PM

Also, correction: Avengers 4 recently wrapped, Captain Marvel is now in the first week of shooting so this is most likely from that.

Tennyo 01/26/2018 11:10 PM

BTW I had that exact same haircut in highschool circa 2000, 2001. XD

X-SOLDIER 01/26/2018 11:16 PM

Further proof that you = mega cool.

X :neo:

Ryushikaze 01/29/2018 03:11 PM


Originally Posted by Tetsujin (Post 775643)
I'm positive it has nothing to do with CG tbh.

My thought is letting it ripple with color to show Carol's energy powers in action.
Or hoping it's a pre- "Marvel" suit, since IIRC, Carol Danvers is still a hotshot pilot in the MCU before the chance encounter with an alien gives her superpowers.

(Now I'm imagining this film being an accidental take that to Green Lantern, doing everything right where it screwed up.)

Tennyo 01/29/2018 05:21 PM

IMHO the green is Kree-related since the Kree sometimes wear green and Mar-Vel had a green costume at one point as well.

It'll be the proper colors by the end of the movie.

JechtShotMK9 01/29/2018 07:47 PM

Does anyone else prefer the old Ms. Marvel/Warbird costume? The black and yellow, not the original one?

Tbh, I haven't really cared about the character since they revamped her after House of M.

The Twilight Mexican 01/30/2018 06:30 PM

There have been a ton of poor decisions made with the character in recent years, but I thought the revamp right after "House of M" was a great decision. She hadn't really been used much for a while prior to that, so it was this which brought her back to prominence -- and it was a good foundation to set a character upon: she simply chose to be the hero she had been in an alternate history, even with all her real history's baggage.

I do prefer that black and yellow costume, by the way, but have never really minded the other one.

Tennyo 01/30/2018 08:16 PM

I like the look of the original costume when it is portrayed without that silly tummy window/whatever (how was that ever appealing?). And sometimes I do miss the black with the lighting bolt because that was very striking and kind of badass. But I also love her current costume as well both as a better foil to when Mar-Vel wore his more iconic costume that was similar but also it has a vibe to it that reminds me of a cartoon I used to watch as a kid *coughrainbowbritecough*

As for Carol post House of M I agree with Tres: she became a stronger, more confident individual, which is something that sometimes surfaces as a character flaw (i.e. sometimes she overcompensates which imho is very relatable)

I highly suggest reading Kelly Sue DeConnick's run on Captain Marvel. DeConnick is responsible for Carol becoming who she is now and her entire run was pretty fab in my opinion. Carol is still enjoyable now although the current writer can't hold a candle to DeConnick (not that she's horrible by any means DeConnick is just on another level).

HOWEVER I admit I still haven't delved too deeply into Civil War II mostly because it seemed like a cheap cash grab and sounded horrible. Not only that but I've heard a lot of people say that story ruined Carol and I just caaaaaan't bring myself to risk not liking her anymore. :( Sometimes I wonder if the looming threat of Civil War II is what made DeConnick leave kind of like how One More Day caused JMS to nope out of Amazing Spider-Man but that's only conjecture on my part (maybe she was just ready to step away). It's probably best that she jumped ship before that all went down.

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