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Shademp 01/03/2015 03:09 PM


Originally Posted by Skan (Post 613922)
What emulator are you using?

So far none, but I'm about to use PPSSPP.

Currently at the following step because I need to turn my Crisis Core games into .ISO files.

To install the 6.60 Firmware, just unzip the archive on your PSP’s memory stick, in the “PSP” folder (you should end up with an “UPDATE” folder in the PSP folder, if you do things correctly), then run the update from your PSP menu.
I don't have a way to unzip the archive on my memory stick because I don't have a memory card reader. Going to the city tomorrow so I can get one and connect the memory stick to my computer. Connecting my PSP to my computer with a USB connection was not enough, even with the memory stick inside the PSP during this USB connection.

Also, I somehow managed to delete my Japanese Crisis Core saves. =/ I had created a ton of saves, although only up until the beginning of Chapter 3. Yay.

At least I wasn't experimenting with my other memory stick, which has a hundred English CC saves. If those had been deleted I might have been mildly annoyed.

EDIT: Just found this impressive, very fresh, upload of Crisis Core as a movie. Absurdly HD, longer than other "Crisis Core Films" on YouTube, so I have more confidence that this one is not missing any scenes. Uploaded merely a week ago! I may link to it in our Crisis Core content page. Really the only downside of these HD graphics is that the subtitles become pixelated but that's a very acceptable sacrifice.

EDIT #2: Oddities of HD movie linked above. The FMVs look very dark. They are clearly ripped straight from the game, as they have no subtitles. I remember the FFVII FMVs looking dark after upload unless you chose the right settings. I think this problem could have been avoided if the entire movie was game recordings and not with occasional FMV rips. Also, instead of the Pre-Start-Screen FMV playing at the very beginning, the uploader chose to have it play when Chapter 1 ends. The video did not show the Chapter End Card, which I think is a pity.

Shademp 01/03/2015 03:47 PM

Getting paranoid here now. I swear, Zack's uniform when I'm playing Japanese CC right now looks decidedly blue! Did I screw up the game somehow? There is no purple tint whatsoever. Yet recordings of both English and Japanese gameplay show the uniform having a purple tint. Weird.

Tetsujin 01/03/2015 03:48 PM

It was always very blue imo. :monster:

Shademp 01/03/2015 04:00 PM

Could very well be that the purple is intensified with the HD-ing process. Not sure.

From the HD movie

From an earlier upload

Yes, the other upload of CC as a movie definitely has a way weaker purple tone.

EDIT: Although this older upload includes Chapter End Cards and has subtitled FMVs, every seven minutes a message will pop up that says the recording software is a non-activated version. The message stays for a minute every time. Plus this movie is almost half an hour shorter than the recent HD upload, so I reckon the newer upload includes more scenes.

EDIT #2: After booting up my English copy of CC, I can confirm that my Japanese copy is not glitched. On the PSP 2000 Slim (2003 to be exact) the uniform looks almost perfectly blue for the most part. Emulations seem to make the purple/red element more visible.

The Twilight Mexican 01/03/2015 04:16 PM

Whatever word one would use for that color, I seem to remember an interview where Nomura (or one of those guys) explained that with the changes made to the SOLDIER color scheme for Crisis Core (black taking purple's place for 1st Class), they decided they needed to keep the original color for Zack's initial uniform (it being iconic) even though that would mean other 2nds wore a different color than he did.

I feel it's supposed to be seen as purple. Wish I knew where that interview was.

EDIT: Also, keep in mind that in Crisis Core 3rds wear what is definitely blue, as in the original game.

Shademp 01/03/2015 06:04 PM


Originally Posted by The Twilight Mexican (Post 616455)
Whatever word one would use for that color, I seem to remember an interview where Nomura (or one of those guys) explained that with the changes made to the SOLDIER color scheme for Crisis Core (black taking purple's place for 1st Class), they decided they needed to keep the original color for Zack's initial uniform (it being iconic) even though that would mean other 2nds wore a different color than he did.

Indeed, I remember that article too. It mentioned that Nomura could not imagine Zack in a red SOLDIER outfit (which, honestly, I don't want to imagine either).

I've done some online searching. A german site translates what I think is the interview you talk about and apparently it was in "Dengeki Maoh". <--Link to Part 1 of the translations, where Nomura is interviewed.

Place the German passages into google translate and you get info very close to this interview we both remember. Google translate of first segment:


Two interviews that were published in September 2007 in the journal "Dengeki Maoh". They were performed with the SE employees Nomura and Yoshinori Kitase.

The Dengeki Maoh deals generally with Japanese popular culture of manga and anime to video games. It has adult men as a target group.

Below you will find the interview with Nomura in which it comes to the characters of the game. The interview with Kitase part is here. Our translation relies on this fan-translation in the ACF.
The link to ACF is no longer functional, naturally.

- Part 2 (The Kitase Part)

EDIT: Just found that this Clerith forum copy-pasted the interview translation from ACF! According to this site, the magazine was the October issue of Dengeki Mao, not September. Sounds a bit odd, given that the forum thread was started on September 5. Who on ACF translated this interview btw?

EDIT#2: Wiki-page on Dengeki Maoh.

The Twilight Mexican 01/03/2015 06:30 PM

Nice find. =) As for who did the translation, I'd guess hito. He did most of those back in the day.

By the way, magazines are oddly released with the following month's name, so a magazine that comes out in September will be marked October. Apparently it's a "display until" date?

Shademp 01/03/2015 06:53 PM

We are definitely rehosting this. I have now created this page. Article formatting was modeled after this 15th Anniversary interview article.

Contacted hito to see if he remembers who translated the Dengeki Maoh interview.

Stepping back to the Crisis Core movie uploads, I can see that RandomBlackGamer (who uploaded the HD movie) generally tends to upload videos that are a bit off with the hue and saturation (ergo why Zack's unform is more purple and why Genesis is close to looking pink rather than red). His movie upload is still the best one on YouTube, in my opinion, despite its flaws.

Strangelove 01/03/2015 06:54 PM


Originally Posted by The Twilight Mexican (Post 616484)
Nice find. =) As for who did the translation, I'd guess hito. He did most of those back in the day.

YouTube Video

Shademp 01/03/2015 06:57 PM

Thank you Hito for pointing out that an edited version of the translation was on page 2 of that Clerith thread. :D (When I mentioned "post #21" I was referring to the post in this thread we are posting in right now)

So the second version of the interview translation is yours, yes? Then I'll enter that version into the page and credit you.

Strangelove 01/03/2015 07:03 PM

yeah, that was mine.

Shademp 01/04/2015 06:57 AM

After correcting typos and talking to hito, the page has been updated further and is now included in our Crisis Core Content Page, under OTHER. :D I'm so happy we are hosting these translations again! Thank you hito!

JBedford 01/04/2015 07:59 AM


Originally Posted by Shademp (Post 616480)
It mentioned that Nomura could not imagine Zack in a red SOLDIER outfit (which, honestly, I don't want to imagine either).


Shademp 01/04/2015 02:41 PM

Having watched through the full Crisis Core "movie" now, I have some reactions and observations.

- Saw people talking about this on an emulator forum and observed it now while watching the movie: Some of the normal cutscenes are pre-rendered. For this reason, they will be of low quality and pixelated compared to the upscaled models and textures in the live-rendered scenes. FMVs are naturally prerendered, but DMW scenes and flashbacks also fall in this category. The impossibility of doing little more than a primitive upscaling of the prerendered scenes is one big reason for wanting an official HD release of Crisis Core.

I wrote down the scenes that were clearly prerendered:
  • Zack fighting Sephiroth hologram (Chapter 1)
  • Sephiroth's and Zack's phone conversation, before heading to Mako Reactor.
  • Flashback where Sephiroth is denied donating blood to Genesis.
  • Genesis threatening Hojo, all up to Zack's battle against Bahamut Fury.
  • Angeal's death scene + all remaining scenes of that chapter.
  • Photo montage when climbing up Mt. Nibel.
  • When Zack flies out of the Jenova chamber. Yes, only that short bit. It's odd.
  • Zack's dream sequence inside the mako pod, when he sees Angeal.
  • Gongaga scene with Zack, Genesis and Hollander.
  • Zack defeating Genesis, Genesis walking to the statue.
  • Lazard's death and the apple scene. The scene where Genesis gets picked up by Weiss and Nero is not pre-rendered.
  • Cissnei boarding a helicopter to look for Zack, Zack and Cloud on the truck.

I wonder if these prerendered scenes exist as files that can be turned into video...

- "Wings symbolize freedom for those who have none". Thank you Cissnei for telling us the intended symbolism of the story. ;)

- Another consequence of the incredibly high, emulated quality is that you can see when the characters' mouths aren't moving even though they are talking. Most of these instances would be incredibly hard to spot on a PSP screen. Listed many of these moments from the movie upload (but not all of them) :

1:09:50 - Tseng and Zack
1:11:30 - Tseng
1:20:09 - Zack
1:36:15 - Zack
1:37:00 - Sephiroth
1:39:29 - Tseng
1:40:02 - Zack
1:53:00 - Zack
2:01:10 - Zack
2:14:13 - Zack (though it could be just his internal monologue)
2:15:25 - Cissnei
2:32:07 - Lazard "Angeal"
2:32:44 - Zack
2:33:12 - Lazard "Angeal"
2:35:30 - Zack (When Zack says "Loveless again" to Genesis: I had already observed this one long ago, actually)
2:35:53 - Genesis
2:36:40 - Genesis & Zack
2:40:09 - Genesis

To add mouth animations where there currently are none would be another important goal in an official HD version of Crisis Core.

- A few interesting choices RandomBlackGamer did when editing together this movie. When Zack says "Me? Gongaga." he uses the FMV flashback of this scene, from the game's ending. Additionally, all the Zack flashbacks from ACC are implemented in their proper places (including the scene when Zack and Cloud get shot at while on the truck, which I thought was kind of cool). Also in the zoom in on Jenova's pod, the flashback FMV is used.

- Angeal gives Zack a scar before their battle. But in Angeal's death scene, there is no sign of Zack's wound. One could argue that he stopped bleeding.

- The Costa del Sol ocean in HD looks AMAZING.

- Didn't notice before that a Gelnika model is present on the Junon airport. :D It blends in with the background a lot.

- Never appreciated before just how good the Cosmo Canyon looks in the background.

- Misspelled sign. "Mibelheim". Sign seen again when Genesis is talking.

- I really like the Gongaga reactor ruins in the background.

- Annoying editing choices with the sound after Zack dies. A different performance of Why is played. Sounds like a live performance, but voice actor lines are there so it must be from some FF themed concert. Low sound quality. EDIT: The uploader was forced to use this live performance version, due to being hit with copyright claims when he used the game's version.

Shademp 01/04/2015 05:56 PM

After a moderately tedious journey, I now have ISOs for Japanese and European English (PAL) Crisis Core. Getting PPSSPP to work was easy, but the path to getting my PSP hacked and being able to copy game ISOs wasn't entirely straightforward. The "installing 6.60 firmware for dummies" guide was incomplete and/or linked to some version of the files that did not work for me. Using the files linked to from here worked much better. Slowly I am catching up to people who are used to emulation and unpacking the Crisis Core files. =)

The internal/native resolution of Crisis Core *seems* to be 480x272. That is the window size and resolution when the window is not stretched, at least. Being able to finally take snapshots is AWESOME. The size of the snapshots will be whatever the window size is set to be.

Great configuration options on the PPSSPP. Still need to find the option though so that the emulator doesn't spell out "Snapshot taken to folder/folderx" etc. Because of this text appearing, you will take a picture of the folder directory text if you take snapshots in quick succession.

*to view the images below side-by-side, open this post in a separate window*

Save Points: JP versus ENG

You will notice that aside from the save points looking different, the camera is slightly zoomed back in the English game compared to the Japanese one! I did not expect this camera difference. Certainly not as dramatic as the JORG versus post-JORG difference in Dirge of Cerberus, but still neat.

New Mission & Cleared Mission: JP versus ENG

Japanese symbol on paper replaced with a very minimalistic check-mark. MISSION versus Missions. EASY versus Easy. The Japanese game tends to spell out English words in all capitals. Also, "Shin-Ra" versus "Shinra".

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