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Shademp 10/12/2014 01:15 PM

Crisis Core Research Thread
Thread reserved for any research into gameplay, version differences, ripping media, retranslations, game modding, general analysis etc.

Shademp 10/12/2014 01:23 PM

Neat videos by YouTuber Ex Majik.

YouTube Video

YouTube Video


Copy-pasting CC version differences which were listed in the DC research thread.

- Losing in optional missions.
Japanese: If Zack loses, you get a Game Over.
Localization: If Zack loses, you are brought back to the save point with all the battle spoils still intact. This makes grinding for the Minerva battle much easier, because you can steal 99 Phoenix Down and sell them repeatedly.

- Character surnames.
Japanese: Genesis, Angeal and Lazard are given no surnames in the mails Zack receive.
Localization: Genesis, Angeal and Lazard are all given surnames in the mails Zack receive.
Tres dissected this version difference in this article about their surnames

- The Goddess statue in the Banora Underground.
Japanese: Likeness to Virgin Mary.
Localization: Religious connotation removed by greatly changing the statue.

- Difficulty settings.
Japanese: Only one difficulty.
Localization: Two difficulties. Normal and Hard.

- Parts in the Japanese game that are not voiced ended up voiced in the English game.
This Japanese scene has no voice acting. Compare to English game. Because of the Japanese version waiting for button-input from the player, soldiers can spawn indefinitely in the cutscene.

Skan 10/12/2014 06:03 PM

I did come across that debug menu in 00000.raw's MBD file.


Quick tutorial for extracting game data:

1. Download G's extractor here.
2. Download RINOA here.
3. Obtain a CC ISO. Extract it. You should get two more files: discimg.pkg and discimg.fse.
4. Take these two and dump them into the DATA folder of G's extractor.
5. Run ff7cc_extractor (Linux) or ff7cc_extractor.exe (Windows).
6. Wait for a few minutes as it runs. You will end up with 8725 files in the "output" folder of G's extractor.
7. Take whichever raws from the output that you want to examine and stick them in the "FILES" folder of RINOA.
8. Open RINOA and browse. (The creator of RINOA, koral, and ignitz did most of my legwork for me already with their tables.)

NOTE: I think RINOA can only view game script and model data. I haven't really gone looking for model stuff yet though.

Other options:

Originally Posted by ultima espio (Post 601975)
Use this extractor, you can unpack and repack with it as long as they are the same size or smaller than the original:


Originally Posted by ignitz
I used TableLib from Klarth. But you have to found and specificate the initial and final pointers.

You do the following.

First you extract two files using the UMDGEN and then you split the files using G Extractor. After that you can use the RINOA to extract the text inside of MBD sectors.


Here's the breakdown I've been using to save some time (posted by koral over at Qhimm):

00000 - 00005 possibly misc system files, nothing too important
00006 - 00062 Header: "PSMF001" - PSP format Movies / Video files
00063 - 01349 Header: "RIFF" - Audio files
01350 - 01417 Header: "SSCF" - more Audio files
01418 - 01442 Menu and DMW related stuff (I think)
Mix of two types of files:
Header: [seemingly random] - files contain bunch of indexed Long's or something, no idea
Header: "IMG" - guessing they're image / Texture files
01443 - 01445 standard PNG images
01446 Now this is interesting - seems to contain a list of Locations and Mission Titles!
01447 Contains a long list of character names, probably used when talking to NPC's etc
01448 - 01455 No discernable header (pretty much random). Maybe mesh data?
01456 Header: "MBD" - Indices or Counts of something
01457 - 02011 Story progression and Event data
Mix of two types of files:
Header: "GT" - Chapter End Images
Header: "ATEL" - LOTS of these, contain various Textures, dialogue scripts, etc
02012 - 02457 Models: Characters, Monsters, NPCs and possibly also Locations
Mix of three types of files:-
Header: [seemingly random]
Header: "!" - contain single Textures for each Model. Maybe mesh-data too, but haven't found any.
Header: "&&"
02458 - 03352 Tiny files, no common header, no ascii info visible. No idea.
03353 - 08538 unknown, no common header, fairly small files <500 kb. Ditto
08539 - 08622 Monster / Boss Data!
Header: "MOT_" - later also contain "SSCF" data later. Interesting...
maybe "file-names", Event Scripts, Boss Battle scripts, Monster behaviour or something else. Its all there, but no idea what.
08623 - 08627 Header: "zack_" - later also contain "ATEL" data
08628 - 08690 Materia (Magic) effect files!
Header: "MAGIC_W0"
08671 - 08706 unknown, tiny files
08707 - 08725 Header: "PSMF0015" - more Videos

Location models from a quick perusal:

2012-15: Wutai and Fort Tamblin
2016: Crashes RINOA.
2017: Ifrit's pit
2018-19: Banora environs
2020: Gillian's house
2021-23: Banora warehouse
2024: Crashes RINOA.
2025: Banora, post-destruction.
2026: Costa del Sol
2027: Crashes.
2028: ????
2029-32: Junon
2033-35: Midgar streets
2035-36: Mako reactor
2036: Mako reactor (with the cloning pod and Hollander's notes)
2037: Crashes
2038: Aerith's church
2039-40: Frame of Midgar.
2041: ShinRa HQ from outside?
2042: Nothing.
2043-44: Inside HQ, that room where Jenova's held in FF7.
2045: Crashes.
2046: Frame of Midgar.
2047: Snowy mountains around Modeoheim.
2048: Crashes.
2049: That Modeoheim warehouse
2050: Nothing
2051: Modeoheim (outside)
2052-55: Modeoheim bathhouse
2056: ShinRa HQ (inside, first floor)
2057-61: ShinRa HQ (SOLDIER floor, rooms on the SOLDIER floor).
2062-3: Crashes.
2064-5: Nibelheim (outside)
2066: Nibelheim inn
2067: Nibelheim (burning)
2068-70: Nibelheim reactor
2071: Nibelheim (Hojo's lab and library)
2072: Gongaga reactor (destroyed)
2073-4: Gongaga (environs)
2075: Modeoheim mountain pass
2076: Looks like the Bahamut-Fury battlefield
2077: Train station
2078: Crashes.
2079: Gongaga???
2080-1: Nibel mountain
2082-3: Nibelheim mansion
2084: Nibelheim basement
2085: Junon
2086: Nibelheim (burning)
2087: Jenova chamber
2088: By the sea, with the lighthouse, where Cissnei meets them
2089: Highway where Genesis steals Zack's hair
2090: Banora cavern
2091: ???? (don't recall this from the game -- looks rundown, has four cloning pods) Banora?
2092: crashes
2093: Minerva cavern in Banora
2094: Junon tunnels???
2095: ShinRa HQ hallway?
2096: Midgar(????? don't recognize this at all)
2097: Junon
2098: Snowy mountains
2099: Nothing
2100: Wutai

Should probably add that if you press SPACE while looking at a model in RINOA, you'll enter a first person camera mode in which you can walk/look around these location models.

Shademp 10/12/2014 06:05 PM

Ex Majik also uploaded the Zack vs Sephiroth Nibelheim reactor scenes and in it I noticed for the first time that the Genesis DMW attack "Apocalypse" has excerpts from Loveless written on the ground. The video is of extremely high quality.

Even if the morrow is barren of promises nothing shall forestall my return

Strangelove 10/12/2014 06:05 PM

game script as in dialogue?

i need to know for reasons

and what the hell is going on with that video, why is it so high quality, it's like a hd remaster right there

Skan 10/12/2014 06:23 PM

Mostly dialogue, but by script, I basically just mean text that appears on-screen in a dialogue box in-game. So you can get stuff like this too:


<TEXT>Please select one of the following:
Do nothing

<TEXT>Proceed without saving?
You get these two in almost every .raw I find containing game script:

<TEXT>Materia has leveled up!

<TEXT>Nothing more to do, kupo!

<TEXT>Load failed.

<TEXT>Load canceled.

<CHOICE1>: Open

<CHOICE1>: Push

<CHOICE1>: Go up

<CHOICE1>: Go down

<CHOICE1>: Use elevator

<CHOICE1>: Use gondola

<CHOICE1>: Rotate

<CHOICE1>: Read

<CHOICE1>: Move

<CHOICE1>: Examine


<TEXT>Save failed.

<TEXT><VAR>: Open

<TEXT><TEXT><VAR>: Pick up

<TEXT><TEXT><VAR>: Examine

<TEXT><VAR>: Talk

<TEXT>Obtained <VAR> x <VAR>!

<TEXT>Obtained <VAR> gil!

<TEXT>SP increased by <VAR> points!


<TEXT>New mission available!

<TEXT>You've got mail!

And here's the debug menu from 00000.raw, which doesn't add anything that you don't see in the video:

<TEXT>Where do you want to go?
<M-CHOICE> Battle
Ms. Ishibashi
Mr. Oka
Mr. Kitase
Mr. Kunikata
Mr. Shindo
Mr. Terada
Mr. Maeda
Moriya kun

ultima espio 10/12/2014 07:31 PM

Use this extractor, you can unpack and repack with it as long as they are the same size or smaller than the original:

Strangelove 10/13/2014 12:12 AM

i have tried this on files from the japanese version, but i don't know whether the files are ordered differently or rinoa just doesn't work with the japanese files because i don't seem to get anything

JBedford 10/13/2014 12:26 AM

List of non-location models with varying degrees of clarity to focus and sometimes images.

Animation format was never figured out, the posing in the images is all manual.

I have also since extracted locations but getting Noesis to extract them in a way that doesn't mean re-applying 30 or so textures is hard.

As a further note, the statue at 2439 is the English version of the Goddess statue, but if you look at the model of the area where the statue is then this is there. Rather than replacing the model in the field they modeled it separately and placed it as a new added model.

Also Emerald Weapon They didn't model the bottom half.

Skan 10/13/2014 12:37 AM

@ Strangelove: I think RINOA might not support Japanese script; there were some MBD sections that spat out question-marks at me when I tried to read them (residual Japanese?). You may need to click on certain files multiple times/toggle between files repeatedly, 'cause RINOA's display screen can sometimes lag.

Is it just the script, or are you having trouble with the models too? Do the character/location models show up at least? 02012.raw and onwards should have location models showing up in the display on the right.

EDIT: This is what my screen looks like: one, two, three.

Strangelove 10/13/2014 03:45 AM

i can see models, though they don't seem to be exactly in the same numbers as the english ones (or i'm being an idiot and missing it completely). the only text i have seen has just:


and maybe a few random punctuation after, but nothing more than that. i have yet to see anything with say a full page of text (readable or not)

Lex 10/13/2014 04:08 AM


Originally Posted by Strangelove (Post 601960)
and what the hell is going on with that video, why is it so high quality, it's like a hd remaster right there

They're using the PSP emulator which makes the game look phenomenally good and HD with the right settings (and a good enough PC of course). Yop streamed it with high graphical settings a long time ago. The only noticeable thing that doesn't upscale too well is the main menu.

ultima espio 10/13/2014 01:12 PM

The game has a weird system for models:

Only the weight data is kept in the model, the hierarchy is in the animation. So it's loading Aeris/Cissnei/Tifa's envelopes over Zacks bones, resulting in a garbled mess.

I have no idea why they even bothered doing it that way.

I also dislike Cloud's mom's redesign...

Shademp 12/14/2014 05:37 PM

- I now have an 8GB memory stick because I was running out of space in my 2GB memory stick. Need the memory for my Japanese Crisis Core saves.

- Began playing JP CC today. Memory stick confirmed to work. Observed a version difference.

Save Points
JP: The square rotating on its edge has a big S on it.
ENG: The square rotating on its edge has the SOLDIER symbol on it.

My goal now is to get PSP emulators working, both for easy gameplay access and for the ability to easily take snapshots and videos.

Skan 12/20/2014 12:55 AM

What emulator are you using?

Just in case it sounds like I gave up, I did sit my ass down today and pull all the script I could find from 01457 - 02011. It's definitely not all the script in the game, but I'm not sure I wanna go through all the other files to find the rest. I didn't see anything else that was particularly interesting in those files, unfortunately. :( I'll see if Ravynne and I can use what we have to whip the script into postable shape.

I also started going through the location models and tagging them so we know what's what, but some of the models will require another playthrough for me to ID accurately. (I've edited them into my first post in this thread.)

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