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Joe 01/25/2017 06:53 PM

TLS Discord (More better than Skype)
Because it's been mentioned many times in various sections, I went ahead and made a TLS Discord server. It makes chatting a hell of a lot easier than on Skype and the text chat is virtually the same, but with options for multiple channels.

Click clack the link to join. I made it with just a chat channel as well as one for FFXIV (requested elsewhere). If we want more channels it's no bother and I'll give people who are fussed permission to tweak with stuff. Do the thing.

AvecAloes 01/25/2017 06:57 PM

Ooo, I've used Discord for XIV before, and thought it worked super well for that. Love the existence of multiple channels.

Flare 01/25/2017 08:13 PM

I made an account and tried to join, but it says the instant invite is invalid or has expired? Not sure what to do.

Joe 01/25/2017 08:16 PM

I think it overwrit when I tried to send a different one earlier. I updated the first post with one that shouldn't expire.

Flare 01/25/2017 08:20 PM

Thanks! It works now ^_^

Dashell 01/25/2017 08:21 PM

I joined. Thanks :monster:

Chloe Frazer 01/26/2017 12:52 AM

I had joined the chat. :reptar:

Flintlock 01/26/2017 01:25 AM

I joined; thanks for setting up. Ryu made a test server for us a couple of years ago last year but it never got much activity. Hopefully this attempt will stick. :)

Literally Who? 01/26/2017 01:26 AM

TLS Discord : AKA See how much time Gabe wastes on WoW.

lithiumkatana17 01/26/2017 03:01 AM

So what is everyone joining this now? What the crap.

Flare 01/26/2017 04:05 AM

^I guess. I got the app and made an account just in case it turns into the new hangout XD

LicoriceAllsorts 01/26/2017 05:22 AM

So, I joined Discord and it seems very nice. Odd choice of name. Anyway, I have a question. When they asked me to confirm my email, they sent me this message:

"Wowwee! Thanks for registering an account with Discord! You’re the coolest person in all the land (and I’ve met a lot of really cool people).
Before we get started, we’ll need to verify your account. To do so, click on the comically large button below or click this link."

Is this the kind of message all the cool kids like these days? I can't ever feeling thrilled to get a message like this, not even when I was eight years old. It feels like it's trying way, way too hard - like Virgin mobile faux-matey messages ("Wow. Hi there! We really love you, so just chill and listen to these great tunes while we try to find someone who can talk to you." Three hours later.....) or tumblr letting me know I have a new follower. (Fourtitsandbuttcheeks started following you. Swoon! Love, tumblr).

Why are these messages so awful?

Joe 01/26/2017 11:48 AM

Those messages are awful and cringey.

Personally I like their loading messages when you boot up Discord. It's all gaming related like 'Smashing pots', 'delaying Half life 3' and there's bloody loads.

Elessar 01/26/2017 01:29 PM


Flare 01/26/2017 03:40 PM

I dunno, I cracked up at the message telling me my friend request was dispatched with Discord's most elite samurai...........


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