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Lex wrote: I love live music. In terms of individual songs I think a studio version is usually going to win in a contest, but I don't think anything can compare to a full stage show if the band is good. I went to see Muse when I was 13 - my first "proper" band concert - during their "Absolution" tour, and it is to date one of my favourite memories, ever. They were out of this fucking world amazing and I'll never forget the atmosphere they managed to create. It helped that the bass literally vibrated my whole body and they have that whole apocalyptic genre thing going on.
I wish I had seen Muse live when I was younger and still living in the UK. I really wanted to see them, and I even got my Dad to agree to get me tickets to a concert in maybe 2003 or 2004 as a birthday present, but it was the usual story: tickets went on sale at 09:00, I was refreshing the website at 09:00, tickets were sold out at 09:01 and I hadn't got one.

Nowadays I wouldn't bother going to see them live because (a) their concerts in Finland always cost a ridiculous amount, and (b) because I think everything they've done after Black Holes and Revelations has been terrible (even BHaR was only mediocre compared to their first three albums, but at least it had a few good tracks on it). Their best songs remain Citizen Erased and Hysteria for me.
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