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Yeah I'm inclined to agree tbf. Another major factor is (IMO) that games take longer to make ('member when we got 1 60 hour plus FF game a year?), and another one is that replay value is a lot higher thanks to online play and the like.

I feel like it's taken until Horizon came out that the PS4 games were finally able to stand on their own. I'm probably wrong, but it feels like the games before that (and the new GoW, etc) were more PS3 ports and the like.

It took years for people to figure out the PS2 (culminating in MGS 3) and the PS3 (with its er, interesting hardware; GTA V is probably the peak of its performance); the PS4 is easier to figure out because it's simply PC hardware, but even there it took a while to tweak all the knobs.
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