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Literally Who?

I'm all for a longer life cycle and think people should remember the PS2 and 3 end of life cycle was several years as well. Some of the best PS2 games came out when the PS3 was already released etc.

Now with that said I really hope the following portion doesn't come off as PC Master race etc. but I really don't agree with stuff like this

Especially since nowadays the improvements are so incremental.
I don't think the upper end is that incremental at all especially in regards to performance. We have to remember the PS4 hardware was outdated even before it was released and while yes we do get pretty games the devs are pulling a lot of tricks out of their ass to even make sure they run at 30fps. And even then...

Were talking bad FOV's , sacrificing FPS for shinier textures, Megatexture shenanigans, awesomely bad shadow and lighting (comparatively to PC ports).

There are still vast improvements to be made in the shiny department but with even that aside I really want to get back to the 30fps part I mentioned earlier.

It's absolutely wrong that the "3D" generation of consoles repeatedly forego 60+ FPS especially after the point where they can actually achieve it if they dumb other features. Especially when we came off the tail end of every game ever prior to the N64 being 60fps.

And that's assuming there are games that run stable 30. There are PLENTY of games this generation that struggle to maintain 30 frames per second even games that were touted as "highly optimized".
And again not to wax poetic about PC Master race but settling for 30 really sucks. Heck my eyeballs are used to 144fps now for petes sake, and have been for years now.

It's just one of those things where you don't know till you know/get used to it but having more frames really is a better and smoother experience. And that's just considering the aesthetic nature of it, we could talk about input lag, dropped/buffered inputs and all the other shenanigans that come with low and bad frame rate in games.

I'm still hopeful this generation lasts a bit longer. I really enjoy it and don't want to shell out for a new console soon. But there is certainly at on of room for improvement here that the current hardware doesn't come close to achieving.
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