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Default Sound quality in videos - need help

Hi, it's me again seeking wisdom at the feet of TLS' collective expertise. One of the subjects I teach is CommTech, and one the things I'm not good at is video editing (I'm good at teaching them some real basic fundamentals such as different shots to use, cuts and transitions, workflow management, and planning/scriptwriting/storyboarding.)

Anyway, one recurring problem the students experience is poor sound reproduction. Their video quality is normally pretty good because they've had plenty of experience filming themselves (though not of editing their films). But I do not know what to do about the sound quality. The major recurring problems are

- ensuring good sound quality when filming in an echo-y interior space such as a gym or classroom
- ensuring good sound quality when filming outdoors, reducing ambient sounds and enhancing voices
- ensuring consistent quality throughout the video (What we often get is audio which is loud in one scene, then goes quiet in the next scene, then is fuzzy in the next one, and so on....

They rarely have a problem with voiceovers.

What solutions have you guys found, that you could recommend to my students? Preferably ones that don't cost a lot of money! Thanks!

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