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Default TLS moving hosts

Hey guys,

Since we've been experiencing so much problems during the year we've been on our current host (Bluehost), we've decided to move to another one. As it was recommended, we've just set up a new hosting account at Hostgator, which promises equal hosting in terms of capability and bandwidth, but which according to other users is more lenient when it comes to CPU usage and the like.

As an extra added bonus, it allows pron. But we'll discuss that later, .

Anyways, in this thread, I'm announcing that we'll be turning off the forums later today (probably in a couple of hours, whenever I feel like it), to avoid people posting for nothing, and to avoid me having to do the full move later this week when my time is limited (read: when I can't be arsed). The frontpage will remain available, since it is pretty static, just keep in mind that comments you add there may not be transferred over to the new host.

We expect that the downtime will last one to two days, while the DNS updates propagate. After that, we'll have the management of the domain move from Bluehost over to Hostgator as well (although I really should look for a neutral party for that), which should - I hope - cause little problems. Last time the site was down for several days because of that, but I hope I can avoid that this time around.

We will observe the stability of the site once it's moved, and if it turns out to be good, we'll re-instate the shoutbox as well.
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