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While a portion of how much I enjoyed it is probably because I'm a huge sucker for the concept of synthetic lifeforms gaining sentience and fighting to stay alive (Roy Batty's speech in Blade Runner being one of my person favorites), I also think that Valorie Curry did a good job with her performance. Also, the setting of seeing it happening in a standard production line was something that made it really interesting.

As far as the technology itself, (as touched on in the second video), the type of simultaneous performance capture is the same type of tech that was pioneered by Avatar, and also used in Rise of the Planet of the Apes, and I think that it's something that could make games significantly more emotionally captivating.

It's interesting, with Asura's Wrath presenting a game essentially as an interactive anime, Journey focusing on a really tight movie-length emotional experience, and KARA being shown at GDC, I think that 2012 is the year where games start gaining a lot deeper traction as direct storytelling media that's much closer to what's being done with films. There's been a lot of controversial statements about video games being art, but with technologies like this, it'll be interesting to see how much "digital costuming" for actors becomes more popular, and expands the talent that we see coming in to games.

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