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Those are some seriously bitching badges man and a tough survey to take..

Admin - Masamune - because they can burn this place to the ground ala' Nibelheim style
Moderators - Ultima Weapon - because they're pretty powerful but not quite the top of the foot chain
Site Contributor - Buster Sword - because they know how to mosey
Community Manager - Shinra - think, lowly middle management employees
Donator - Meteor - iconic but not exclusive, the symbol which brought us all together
Great Old One - Jenova - because... well... come on
Staff Emeritus - Cosmo Canyon - because they died and so did Bugenhagen

And I had to go no preference on the icon template... it was really a tough decision that I couldn't make. The OCD in me prefers the clean, stylistic look of the hexagon white badges... but the colours and details on the round ones are just adorable.

So, why do you come here?
Same as you, I think. I've been here a lot...
You must have a lot going on your mind, I suppose.
Yeah, but I'd rather have nothing for a change. How do you do it?
Well, it comes with practice. I can think of nothing.
I do not feel the need to occupy my mind with nonsense, just to avoid thinking about what really matters.

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