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and gj. Did you give them that usergroup as a primary or secondary usergroup?

Also, we can give them some benefits now. Would you lot (i.e. donators) like to have one or any of the following:

* Star / icon / whatnot in postbit
* Username effect / thingy
* Increased PM space / larger upload allowance / whatnot
* Access to secret spam section (dunno about pr0n, I doubt that would be prudent and the host wouldn't allow it)
* Limited moderation capabilities (full control over own threads, close / move etc at the very least)
* Listing in the 'View Forum Leaders' bit, and I'm sure that a hack is available that would give you your own page (benefactors). Or on the frontpage. But that's up to you if you want to be listed as a benefactor / donator.

* Others, I'm outta ideas right now, .
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