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Leo Kliesen wrote: Mako, my point was NEVER that high post counts = istant Mod. My point is that the members don't know Tres well, and that Members who have been here longer who are just as good, weren't chosen.
Then they can get to know him. And sorry, but modship is not an entitlement, right, or guaranteed appointment. I don't care how nice, high your post count and membership length is. That's not how it works.

I was wondering why, that's ALL. I never meant that someone with over 9,000 posts should be Admin. Because then you'd have to Mod Ali and she never posts anything anymore. The point is that 127 posts suggests that he hasn't been here that long- and he hasn't. You guys know him and that's cool (I've only heard stories and he seems pretty nice from the posts I've seen), but the members don't seem to. That's why it seems random to a lot of us. I never said it was a contest either, maybe I shouldn't have said "WIN" but I didn't know how else to say it. x'D Just think, you've been a member here a long time, you've been told countless times that you're posts are amazing, that you should be modded, and then a new person who you've seen post a handful of times in one section after joining gets the position? Would that make sense if to you? That's what I've been trying to say.
It wouldn't make sense if the actual staff never said anything about the appointment, or made a statement as to when and why it happened.

And I've never once said he was a bad choice or that he'd do bad. In fact I keep saying that he's a great guy. The biggest thing I think, is that Staff here seems to have ignored the members of the Forum on this one. What makes Ten/Aaron/Alex/Meggy/anyone else anyone has mentioned not qualified for the spot? You haven't really answered that at all. >.<
Because they weren't the ones we were looking for in terms of members who's qualifications would fill in the position left behind by Schala. We wanted a member who was comparable to her previous abilities, membership, etc, to fill in that spot. There are no members who are automatically entitled to be mods. I've repeated that now 5 different times and it's as if its not even been read.
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