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Ted Lange As Your Bartender wrote: Well great, but it's not our jobs to do things up to par with the 'Aaron Standard'. What do you expect here? 'YES AARON WE ARE OBLIGATED TO CONVINCE YOU THAT IT WAS A GOOD IDEA'

Aaron hasn't even come close to saying that this place is all about pleasing him and making him happy. He's also not saying that you all need to bow down and present your ideas to him first.

Ryushikaze wrote: But this isn't about it being risque. This is an accusation, made in jest or no, that was made in incredibly poor judgement. Making off color jokes is one thing. Making off color jokes about someone he doesn't even know is something else entirely.

Hence his warning that he should not make such comments ABOUT PEOPLE in the future unless he knows them well enough so that they it's a joke.
It isn't an accusation. Quit putting words where they don't belong. Poor judgment? HAH! Anyone within a mile radius could see that it was a joke, and nothing more. You're just fishing for reasons to warn someone who generally chaps your hide.

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