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Ⓐaron wrote: Why is it a double standard for members to want their thoughts about staff appointments to be taken into consideration?
We have before. We agree on that, right? Can staff not make any decision at all as staff in terms of making appointments as well, too? It's not like we're appointing a new admin here. It's just one mod.

Sorry bub, but you're not going to get an impartial viewpoint from anyone. Human beings are incapable of being impartial - yes, that includes me. And again, you've yet to explain why the opinions of someone who's barely been a member for a month is so valuable.
To be specific, maybe I should say a more impartial view. I agree there's no such thing as a perfectly impartial view point since humans are incapable of it. But him being a fresh face and new to how things go down here, could help in gaining new ideas and viewpoints on how things are done. I don't know what's so hard to understand about how gaining a fresh perspective from someone outside is valuable in management. It's why businesses hire outside consultants, or appoint completely new individuals (those who have no history at all with the company in question) to management positions or higher. Incidentally that too can be to the chagrin of some of the older workers at the company but in the long run it can serve the business's interests as a whole in the long run. If the individual proves themselves to be a good choice for said position, that is.
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