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Quexinos wrote: See Mako, it was good that Tres replied... SEE? Quexinos isn't always crazy
My ideas are pretty much always right =/

ForceStealer wrote: I wasn't trying to perpetuate it either, I was saying that if that's really all people wanted, why didn't they say so? Because I would have thought as Tres did, that its inappropriate to post in a topic about your appointment. I would have seen it as a damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don't scenario.

So in the future, say what you're looking for, but I think there's a good chance Cthulhu is right and that's not all you (Phobos) wanted, but lulz. Which, as Cthulhu also said, is fine I guess, but then don't go and say that's all you wanted.
Because I wasn't here at all this weekend to say it?

My prior posts did say those things, but with less elaboration and explanation. If I'd known it would have gone like this, then maybe it would have been different. But...shoulda, coulda, woulda.

Personally, I wouldn't have sat back and let people do all of that talking about ME without having something to say. But I like to argue, so perhaps I'm a biased sample.

Ultimately, this proves at least one thing: that Bex was right, I am indeed the most sense TLS has. Which I find rather depressing, tbh =/
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