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Default 3d Paper Characters, vehicles, Genesis sword, buster sword....etc

I saw on the main page about the Final Fantasy 7 3d paper models for sale and just wanted to let everyone know that there is a site that offers all the characters such as sephiroth, jenova, cloud, aerith, vincent, tifa, barret, cid, yuffie, and more. Also includes the reactors, vehicles, genesis sword, the buster sword, highwind and even more then that. Also includes stands that you can build set your 3d models on. All models are free and come with instructions on how to build the 3d models. You will need Pepakura viewer for some of these which allows you to view the files. The website for these are:

The site also includes 3d paper models for other games like bioshock, ff dissidia, kingdom hearts and more.
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