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Default Re: A Friendly Reminder: Clubs are Post Count Sections

[quote author=Makoeyes987 link=topic=282.msg6922#msg6922 date=1231537831]The clubs are a post count section, meaning, if you open up a club, you better make sure that it has discussable value. There's been too much spam and chit chat in the clubs. It's starting to suck activity away from the other discussion sections and if it keeps up I'm going to have to start moderating heavily and closing some clubs.[/quote]

I will update my own clubs with this rule and I note that I accept it (as a club member and leader).

Though, I do wish clarification on these issues:

Why does post count matter so much?

I can see what you mean, about taking away from the other discussion threads. No problem there, as what you say makes sense.

Still, it seems there's so much (unneccessary?) emphasis on post count and content. :-\

The situation sometimes seems a tad more strict than perhaps need be. Of course, this is my opinion.

May I be told why? (Okay, I can see, handle problems now before more people and more of the same becomes unmanageable chaos.)
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