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Strangelove wrote: i know it gets floated around as an idea since disney bought marvel and lucas films, but i really don't want to see marvel or star wars in kh. the idea doesn't do anything for me at all
You, Twilight and me triple on that. Leave Marvel and Star Wars well away from Kingdom Hearts and no where near Final Fantasy.

The Twilight Mexican wrote: As for the Marvel thing, no, I don't want to see Marvel characters in KH. I'm sure they could make it work if they devoted a whole game to it, but I'd prefer they stop at a world for "Big Hero 6," whose world and story is self-contained. It's also a better fit in terms of tone and aesthetics. I'm sure it will rather readily lend itself thematically as well.

Also, no to "Star Wars" in KH. Tempting as it may be to see Sora get a Lightsaber keychain, I wouldn't relish a heavily truncated version of any "Star Wars" tale we know, and would want to roll my eyes at any forced analogies between the Dark Side and the darkness in people's hearts.
Yeah, Big Hero 6 is enough, but no further than that. Also, no Pixar either, unless it's Brave, then I can handle it. But no Toy Story or things like that.

And if Square Enix wants to fiddle with Marvel and/or Star Wars, make a crossover with StarOcean since that's more closer to home to these two then KH and FF.
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