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Firewall is built-in, and there's no need for antivirus or anti-spyware as long as you don't randomly install random shit from the internet.

Most software packages outside the store will have an installer you can just double click, iirc it's dpkg or something? Others will ask you to add a repository to the store, which adds a bit of security to the thing.

IIRC you have to install it separately, but it should also be in the ubuntu store I'm sure - or have a simple installer.

Yes there are, however you may need to install some separate package to be able to play e.g. MP3 files - those are nonfree (e.g. patented) files and may not be installed by default for the purists. I'm fairly sure it'll ask you for that on first boot though.

64 bits should be fine, but, I'd avoid using XP if you can, it's 17 years old by now and has not been supported since 2009. Go for Windows 10 if you insist on keeping it around.
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