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NERV Agent

Oh dear God.

The past few days have been a headache just trying to install programs, because one program is dependent on another library and then to install that library involves some very specific command lines then installing the program itself requires its own set of specific command lines, etc.

The past few days I've been Googling different command lines and different scripts, libraries, and programs and using brute force to see which ones work and which ones don't. I have such a splitting headache right now that I might just do what Natsuki is doing in my avatar.

I still haven't installed any games on this thing yet!

Can someone please give me to exact command lines to install a Sega Genesis emulator (whichever is best for this platform), ePSXe, and PCSX2? I just want to get back to playing games and not staring at and inputting random command lines I find from Google followed by me screaming and yelling at my computer whenever something doesn't work.
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